Health Benefits of Saffron

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Saffron is a powerful spice high in antioxidants. It has been linked to health benefits, such as improved mood, libido, and sexual function, as well as reduced PMS symptoms and enhanced weight loss. Best of all, it's generally safe for most people and easy to add to your diet. SUREUP Saffron product is the easy and efficient way to improve your sex life with noticeable results. Our formula will have you satisfying women in the way they desire thanks to your improved stamina, focus, and physical prowess.


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What is Saffron Saffron also known as Za’f ara n is a spice derived from the Crocus sativus plant. Alluding to its yellow color and high cost saffron is often referred to as the Golden Spice. Saffron has been used seasoning in food and as a coloring agent for over 4 millennia. Today over 90 of the worlds saffronsupplystemsfromIran.

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Health Benefits of Saffron Saffron often referred to as the ”g olden spice” has been used as a seasoning and coloring agent in food for several years. Modern research suggests that saffron can be used as an antioxidant to improve the immune system and to boost energy levels. Continue to read on to discover the various otherhealthbenefitsofsaffron.

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Act as an Aphrodisiac Aphrodisiacs are foods or supplements that help boost your libido. For instance taking 30 mg of saffron daily over four weeks significantly improved erectile function over placebo in men with antidepressant-related erectile dysfunction 17Trusted Source. In women with low sexual desire due to taking antidepressants 30 mg of saffron daily over four weeks reduced sex-related pain and increased sexual desire and lubrication compared toaplacebo19Trusted Source.

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Can Improve Mood Disorders Saffron extracts can reduce depression and anxiety partly by increasing levels of dopamine and norepinephrine. In meta-analysis saffron significantly improved mood. saffron can also relieve anxiety in mice. One study in mice found that saffron extract reduced anxiety-like behaviors elevated plus maze test and increased sleeping time.This indicates that saffron may be effective in treating insomnia and other sleep-related disorders.

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Can Improve Sexual Function A study of 20 male patients with erectile dysfunction found that saffron supplementation daily for 10 days increased the frequency and duration of erections. Certain medications can diminish sexual drive and cause pain during sex like antidepressants. In a study of 38 women saffron supplemented for 4 weeks improved sexual drive and reduced pain associated with sex. Saffron also increased lubrication which helped minimizepainduring sex.

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Can Boost Energy Levels In a study DB-RCT of 28 healthy men saffron supplementation for 10 days increased muscle strength and improved reaction time. This is likely due to improved mitochondrial function in the cell antioxidant activity and the function of the region of the brain responsible for reacting to a visual and auditory stimulusmotor cortex.

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A Powerful Antioxidant Saffron contains an impressive variety of plant compounds that act as antioxidants — molecules that protect your cells against free radicals and oxidative stress. Notable saffron antioxidants include crocin crocetin safranal and kaempferol. Crocin and crocetin are carotenoid pigments and responsible for sa ff r on’ s red color. Both compounds may have antidepressant properties protect brain cells against progressive damage improve inflammation reduce appetiteandaidweight loss.

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