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Maria Luisa Imbachi : 

Maria Luisa Imbachi She is the person that I admire and she is my best sister ever!

.LuLY TuN3$. : 

.LuLY TuN3$. This is my sister nickname ( Luly Tunes) She is 13 years old and she in 8th grade, she is in I.S 5. Her birthday is on March-23/93

.~Her Look~.: 

.~Her Look~. My sister look is match every kind of cloth that she has. Pinky world. Mostly she likes to wear jeans. Luisa definitely she loves to be the attraction.

.Luisa Is… : 

.Luisa Is… She is my mother’s daughter and my father too. Luisa is 5.1' feet tall She also has a very long black hair she is skinny Luisa has dark brown eyes…


.Personality. What I love about my sister is that even if is the end of the world, she says what she feels and tell the truth on people’s faces. Another thing I love about my sister is that she always remember special dates like my dog’s b-day… Also every single day she wakes up mad.


…. Maria Luisa is a very smart girl. Mostly at Math however she doesn’t like it at all. She is talking person, Luisa knows all the teacher around her school and they know her too. She is very friendly and she is a nice friend.

.Her special hider. : 

.Her special hider. My sister, whenever she feel dad and seems like she doesn’t want to talk to any body, she actually don’t hide in the closet or something else… but one thing she does is staying all day long at the computer.


.Friends. She consider a good friend like a person that always is there for one another. Also she thinks that a friend also is a person that would tell you the true and won’t lie or talk behind you. Her special friend is Korina.


.Career. When she grows up she wants to be a singer. Although but now she is studying guitar. Another goal she has is also be an actress, and be famous. Her roll model is Jenifer Lopez.

.Her Idols.: 

.Her Idols. My sister Luisa love a lot of people’s talent and she has her favorites which are: Jenifer Lopez Leonard Dicaprio Juanes And her true love is Daddy Yankee.


.JLo. Luisa loves Jenifer Lopez, because she admire her rolls in movies and she also loves the way this woman had progress, creating her own clothing company, and more success.

.Leonard Dicaprio. : 

.Leonard Dicaprio. Luisa also loves this cute guy, who had been working in famous movies that it converted him even more famous.


.Juanes. Another big star is Juanes, he is Colombian. This guy had won about 10 Grammy's. Almost every single girl loves him including my sister.

.Daddy Yankee.: 

.Daddy Yankee. Luisa loves Daddy no also because of his music, but also because his 'so cute'! Or because he has the FLOW!

.Cheetah Girls.: 

.Cheetah Girls. Luisa like the Cheetah girls, even more when we met them at the flushing middle park last summer.


.RBD. Maria Luisa loves all Rbd song including their new song called ' tu Amor'.


.Selena. She loves the way she sings and how she just started and see how far she got.


.Food. Her special and favorite food is La bandeja Paisa in which it is a Colombian dish. Also she loves mango juice mostly in the summer. We both love candy*


.Hobbies. Luisa likes to do for fun mostly is being on Another thing that Luisa loves to do play with her dog Mickey. Even also she likes to draw designs.

.Her favorite sport.: 

.Her favorite sport. What she is really good at playing sports is basketball. Because she thinks is very cool, and she also thinks is easy to play it.

.She Hates most. : 

.She Hates most. What I consider that Luisa hates is people talk her while she is busy. Another thing she hates is waking her up in the morning. But definitely something that she really hates is not doing what she wants.

.Her Favorite songs. : 

.Her Favorite songs. She loves 'machucando' in which Daddy sings. Also all RBD songs. She like the Cheetah Girls’ song called strut.

.Cell phone. : 

.Cell phone. The only thing my sister doesn’t leave not even to go to places in which people probably won’t need it. Her cell phone is like a ~best friend~!


.Animals. She loves dogs… mostly puppies. Luisa also loves fishes.

.Movies. : 

.Movies. The movie my sister loves is Titanic. Because she thinks is very sad and at the same time so romantic! … Another movie she loves is also Selena, because she also wants to sing like her, and act like JLo, who played in the movie as Selena.




.Guys.* Luisa is a lovely person… Every cute and hot guy she seems, she likes him.! A guy I remember in which she had crush on, his name is Juan Camilo…. Luisa used to think about him everyday and try to get his attention in school.

.Italy. : 

.Italy. The first trip, that Maria Luisa wants to do by herself is go to Italy… She loves how her friends and Italian teachers talk so good about it…she also thinks Italy has a wonderful Geographic and in which people from different countries could learn form it! 

.Her wishes for Christmas. : 

.Her wishes for Christmas. What Maria Luisa wants for Christmas is an Ipod, because the only Ipod we had she had lost it in the movie theater. Another thing she might want to have this year is a P.S.P….

.Luly Tun3$.: 

.Luly Tun3$. This concludes my sister’s Biography… ~the End~

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