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Roman Taberna:

Roman Taberna By: Ross Walker


Tunica Price: 10 Denarius Tunica was an undergarment that Roman people wore under their Toga. This can we worn without a Togo, but only for working people This shirt is usually sleeveless.

Toga Praetexta:

Toga Praetexta Price: 20 Denarius On this piece of clothing they added a 2-3 inch border along one edge. High Priest usually wore this piece of clothing. This was mainly worn by men, but later on women started to wear them.

Togo Virilis/Pura :

Togo Virilis/Pura Price: 15 Denarius This was a white toga that men wore when they reached manhood and citizenship at the age of 15.

Toga Candida:

Toga Candida Price: 25 Denarius This was a bleached toga that people wore when they are trying to get elected to office. It was also a source of drama on the streets.

Toga Picta:

Toga Picta Price: 45 Denarius All purple Toga that was embroidered with gold thread worn by Roman Generals during a parade.


Stola Price: 55 Denarius It was usually worn by married women. It has shoulder straps. It would usually reach the ground, and it would usually have a purple strip at the end of it.


Palla Price: 100 Denarius This piece of clothing was worn over the Stola. It was draped like the Toga, but could be pulled over the head.


Bulla Price: 90 Denarius This was worn by Roman children as a type of protection of evil spirits. They wore this necklace untill their rite of passage into adulthood.

Soleae/Calcei :

Soleae/Calcei Price: 75 Denarius These were sandals worn by the Roman people. Many people in the army had these shoes because they were very loud when they hit the ground, so it would intimidate other people.

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