5 Best Car Shipping Tips 2017

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Learn how to ship your car safely and quickly. It is very important for your favorite car. Many car shipping company provides this service, but you can know better which company are the best.


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5 Best Car Shipping Tips 2017:

5 Best Car Shipping Tips 2017 Having professionals transport your car from one point to the other is an exciting experience.


You will sit, rest assured of the security of your car. Taking advantage of professional auto transport companies is a great way of ensuring wonderful car shipping. To make the experience even better, you can take with you a couple of tips.

Request Exact Quotes:

Request Exact Quotes Never hire any auto shipping company without having in mind the exact amount of money a company is charging you for the services .


Nothing disgust like surprise charges. To get the best shipping deal, it is advisable requesting quotes from more than one car shipping company.


This way, you will be able to compare prices and know who is giving you value for your money. However, acre should be taken not to fall for the lowest quotes because just like in any other market, you will get what you pay for .

Confirm Insurance Coverage:

Confirm Insurance Coverage Before confirming shipping deal with an auto transport company, you need to verify the carrier’s liability.


Most companies provide coverage of $100,000 while others can go as high as $250,000. Unless you are comfortable with their insurance coverage, you should not engage an auto shipping company .

Check Online Reviews:

Check Online Reviews You wouldn’t want to make the mistake of hiring a car transport company without knowing what others are saying about them .


A car transport company is as great as the last service it offered. If everyone is complaining, there are all indications that you will be in for a raw deal when you consider the company .


From reviews, you will also get additional information like the hauler’s experience, insurance and licensing. Sources like uShip , Yelp, Angie’s List and Better Business Bureau can supply you with such information .

Take Photos before Pick-up:

Take Photos before Pick-up Before loading the car, auto transport companies will always inspect the vehicle and take their records.


While it is normal for car owners to carry their own inspection, only a few people think of taking photos. Well-lit and dated photos can serve as great evidence in the case of complications.


Even more, they provide certainty of the condition of your car before picking your car. Besides taking photos, you should document the condition of your car. It is important to note down the slightest details of dents, scratches, and rust spots .

Remove personal items from the car:

Remove personal items from the car Taking everything out of your car prior to loading is an essential tip you should never overlook. It comes with multiple advantages.


For one, you will reduce the overall weight of the car, which is a great determinant when it comes to car shipping charges. Most definitely, items carried inside a car in being transported are likely to bounce back and forth resulting to damage. Car transport companies do not cover such liabilities, so it is best avoiding them when you can .


Having your cars shipped by professionals is no doubt a great experience. You are assured of its safe delivery within commendable timelines. Using the tips above, you can make the experience even better and memorable. Your best solution is here: https:// nexusautotransport.com

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