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Rooftop Fitness is the best gym in Nagpur according to its service provided by them.They never fails to impress their customers.This gym is located in dharampeth Nagpur. They provides world class facilities at very affordable price.So don't waste time enroll soon and get fit soon.


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GYM EQUIPMENT REQUIRED FOR FITNESS STUDIO Its very difcult to choose the important gym equipment that are required for the good ftness studio. Some important equipment are highlighted below which are necessary for each and every gym :- 1.Dumbbell set This is one of the most important gym equipments . It comprises in a set which ranging from light dumbbell to the heavy dumbbell. It also comprises of many colours shape size and material used for productivitylike pure metal plastic coated or rubber. It also available with a rack for a manageble use .

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2.Treadmill Its must for the solid cardio workout. It is available in many varients according to speed inclinations angle etc. Costly one also monitores the user heart rate.this one is better option if you can aford it. 3.Training Bench it is a adjustable base used for performing weight exercises . Training bench should be well – constructed which can easily handle and adjust by user itself. It should be smooth to acheive fat positon to inclined position easily.

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4.Kettlebell Set Kettlebell provide a diferent approach from dumbbells because they commands slightly diferent muscles. They are important equipment and they are very cheaper compare to other equipments. They are available unser very varieties of shapesize and weights. 5.Pull-up frame and bars

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This frame and bars are used for chin ups and pull ups. Search for squat rack with a pull-up bar this will save your cost as well as space. 6.Stationary Bicycle The stationary bicycle is similar to treadmill it also provides solid cardio workout. It helps to increase the heart rate of the user due to which the heart related disease can be cure. It also minimised the chances of heart attack. 7.Fitness Ball you can perform lots of ftness exercise with a ftness ball. It helps to increase stability of body by performing exercises like chest press biceps curls dead bugs and

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plank knee tunks. So this is a good option to enhance your gym performance. 8.Crossft CrossFit is a type of strength and conditioning workout that uses your own bodyweight for resistance in order to build power all over. Consistent with the benefts of high-intensity interval training this means no standard cardio workouts and hours spent at the gym.

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If you are interested to join best gym in Nagpur rooftop ftness is the best option because it is one of the best ftness centre in Nagpur which provides world class facilities at afordable price. Rooftop ftness is situated in dharampeth Nagpur .Rooftop ftness has certifed gym trainers which guides you for the workouts.For more details visit website or contact us .

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