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210-260 Dumps PDF Implementing Cisco Network Security:

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Question NO # 1 How does a zone-based firewall implementation handle traffic between interfaces in the same zone? A. Traffic between two interfaces in the same zone is allowed by default. B. Traffic between interfaces in the same zone is blocked unless you configure the samesecurity permit command. C. Traffic between interfaces in the same zone is always blocked. D. Traffic between interfaces in the same zone is blocked unless you apply a service policy to the zone pair. Answer: A 210-260 Dumps PDF

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Question NO # 2 What command can you use to verify the binding table status? A. show ip dhcp snooping database B. show ip dhcp snooping binding C. show ip dhcp snooping statistics D. show ip dhcp pool E. show ip dhcp source binding F. show ip dhcp snooping Answer: A 210-260 Dumps PDF

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Question NO # 3 After reloading a router, you issue the dir command to verify the installation and observe that the image file appears to be missing. For what reason could the image file fail to appear in the dir output? A. The secure boot-image command is configured. B. The secure boot-comfit command is configured. C. The confreg 0x24 command is configured. D. The reload command was issued from ROMMON. Answer: A 210-260 Dumps PDF

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Question NO # 4 In what type of attack does an attacker virtually change a device's burned-in address in an attempt to circumvent access lists and mask the device's true identity? A. gratuitous ARP B. ARP poisoning C. IP spoofing D. MAC spoofing Answer: D 210-260 Dumps PDF

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Question NO # 5 What VPN feature allows traffic to exit the security appliance through the same interface it entered ? A. hairpinning B. NAT C. NAT traversal D. split tunneling Answer: A 210-260 Dumps PDF

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210-260 Dumps PDF

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