How To Drive Safely And Steer Clear of Accidents

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It is very important to learn driving from reputed driving school before drive a car on road. Training programs are helpful to learn driving sense on road.


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How To Drive Safely And Steer Clear of Accidents:

How To Drive Safely And Steer Clear of Accidents


As a driver, it is your responsibility to give protection to yourself as well as passengers, pedestrians. It is good option to take proper driving training to avoid accidents and violations. Lets discuss few tips to drive safely

1. Wear Your Seat Belt:

1. Wear Your Seat Belt The very first and important tip is to wear safety belt correctly while driving and it must go over your shoulder and across your lap.

2. Don’t Over-Speed :

2. Don’t Over-Speed The second important thing is speed. Don’t go beyond the speed limit. Over-speed may cause very dangerous accident.

3. Don’t Drive And Drink:

3. Don’t Drive And Drink You should never drive when you’re drunk. It lowers your ability to concentrate on the road.

4. Don’t Use Mobile While Driving:

4. Don’t Use Mobile While Driving Mobile phone can distract you while driving. Texting and calling while driving are even considered as traffic violations.

5. Stay Focused And Alert:

5. Stay Focused And Alert You must need to pay attention to the traffic all time. If you feel tired and angry then it is better, do not drive.

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PPT Created By These are very important tips which you need to take care while driving. You can get more information from Shubh Saarthi which is one of the best source to learn how to drive safely on road through innovative programmes .

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