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Know information about Black town driving school Sydney:

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Some road rules you need to know There are some rules For Best driving school in black town , which will make you totally amazed that such rules also exist. You know it better. 1 . Are you aware of the fact that it is legal to move slightly ahead of the red light line to allow an emergency vehicle a route, when it is stuck in big traffic .

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In this case, if you meet an accident, then you will be at fault, but you won’t be booked for giving way to an emergency vehicle. There are fine and demerit points in case you don’t give way to an emergency vehicle . 2. You can also not run an orange light. It carries equal demerit points and fine.

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3. Operating a mobile phone in any condition such as Macca drive through or other drive ways is a legal offense. Operating a mobile phone on the road is offense as in any case road is a road, which ultimately results in people and vehicles on it. You can’t even keep your phone on your lap. Our traffic police is smart to identify a phone resting on lap is equivalent to using it in a hideout.

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4. You must be aware that littering is an offense, but throwing a banana peel or apple seeds are also banned. Don’t think that they are biodegradable, so it should be allowed. 5. Now blacktown driving lesson one is really interesting. You cannot wave hands to your friends or relatives peeping out from the car or bringing your hands out of the car. It can be considered as limb protruding. Unnecessarily blowing the horn is also an offense.

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6. Re-registration on time is also very much necessary. If you forget it even by day, you are inviting a fine . 7. Driving in any case, after having any kind of drug is illegal in all territories.

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8. A bike rack should not be fitted in a way that it captures the visibility of the number plate . 9. It is illegal to make an unsafe U-turn. Even if taking the turn is within the line, it is unsafe then it is illegal. Even taking a U turn at a traffic signal is not allowed.

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10. Beware when you open your car door. If you hit a cyclist, other car or a pedestrian while opening your car door is totally finable. 11. When road works is in progress or if you are a cyclist then you can cross the unbroken lines . 12. Do you enjoy hasty Driving school auburn while overtaking? It’s an offense. Cutting in after overtaking is hazardous. Be prepared for the penalty.

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13. Front passenger cannot recline the seat. If the excuse given is belt not fitting properly, then also you will invite a ticket for not wearing belts at all . this will tech you how-to-keep-your-vehicle-safe 14. When a stop sign is indicated stop. Don’t break the queue . 15. This one is our favorite. It is ok to feel the pedal, then to have your heels stuck in the pedals and inviting an accident.



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