Side Effects of Painkiller Abuse


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Analgesics cover a wide range of medication categories and can include over-the-counter medications for mild, moderate, and severe pain prescription medications. Over-the-counter medications (such as Tylenol, aspirin, or ibuprofen) are good choices when you have short-term pain caused by sore throat, headache, body aches, or need to reduce fever. Although these drugs look like benign drugs, you should be aware of the long-term effects of these painkillers. When it comes to over-the-counter medications, another negative effect of painkillers is the danger that can occur when these substances are mixed with alcohol or other drugs. This can enhance side effects and may increase damage to the liver and kidneys. To know more about how you can overcome painkiller use disorders please visit


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Side Effects of Painkiller Abuse Drowsiness. Mental fog. Nausea. Constipation. Dizziness. Respiratory depression. When addiction takes hold that person is left with only one alternative. They need to submit themselves for treatment at the top In all likelihood the treatment process will have to start with drug detox to bring you on the path of the total recovery. Clarksville recovery center. Source :

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