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ITALY República Bolivariana de Venezuela Universidad Rafael Belloso Chacín (URBE) Cátedra : Ingles III Prof(a).: Doris Molero. FINAL PROJECT INTEGRANTES:  Román Peley.  Naikelis Bustamante.  Gian Lauretti.

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Final Project…. Ingles III SCHEME Geam.  About me.  Reflection. UNIT 1. New friends, News Faces. UNIT 2. Express Yourself. Naikelis.  About me.  Reflection. UNIT 3. What do we need. UNIT 4. Around the World. Román Peley.  About me.  Reflection. UNIT 5. Vacation. UNIT 6. All about you.

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GIAN Hello, my name is Gian Lauretti, I’m 19 years old, I’m from Maracaibo, I’m a student, I go to accounting school in URBE. I have black eyes, I have long hair, I am thin and tall, I am happy and fun. I live in urbanization San Miguel of Maracaibo. It’s in front of circunvalacion 2, in the avenue 58-A behind “ El rey del pollo “.My favorite aisle of the supermarket is where the junk food because I love.I would like to go on vacation to Puerto Rico because I like the beaches and Italy because I have family. I like to play baseball because I share with my friends ABOUT ME: Final Project…. Ingles III

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My experience in this subject was great because we shared and made our activities in a very practical way. I like the way that all my classes were dictated. The topic that i was more interested was "likes and dislikes" because I will know how to express my opinion about what I like to do and what I dislike. Briefly, I really like everything. REFLECTION His name is Andrea Pirlo, He’s from Italy, He’s 31 years old and is a soccer player. Measured 1.77 meters tall, has long hair, average weight. UNIT 1. New friends, News Faces. Final Project…. Ingles III

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Final Project…. Ingles III UNIT 2. Express Yourself. ITALY GESTURES

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NAIKELIS ABOUT ME: My name is Naikelis bustanie I from Maracaibo I have 19 years old, I student public accounting I like to dance and go shopping , being with my family. I like tennis. I'm short thin and light brown hair and eyes brown. Reflection Level 3 was very creative and important, and I learned about the descriptions, Vacation and shopping, improve my vocabulary in English and I like that to help have a good future Final Project…. Ingles III

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In Italy are big supermarkets is varied and easy to find what the customer wants and likes vegetables, meat (carnes), fruit(frutas), cheese and its derivatives (quesos , leche mantequilla) sweet( dulces) . Unit 3. what do we need? Italy is located in southern Europe and next to france, in front of suiza, Australia after and before Slovenia. Unit 4. Around the world? Final Project…. Ingles III

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Final Project…. Ingles III ROMÁN My name is Román Peley I from Maracaibo, I have 21 years old. I am student of Computer Engineering. I go to accounting school in URBE I like playing football, I like to share with my family, I like fixing computers. I have short brown hair, green eyes I'm medium. ABOUT ME: REFLECTION English, level 3 was very important for me, I learn and improve my english vocabulary in many areas (food, directions, aspects of the person) and know many friends in class.

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UNIT 5. Vacation in Italy. Final Project…. Ingles III Italy is a beautiful country .There are many places to visit. TORRE PISA COLISEO ITALIA- ROMA VENECIA ITALIA

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Final Project…. Ingles III UNIT 6. ALL ABOUT FABIO CANNAVARO FABIO CANNAVARO Fabio Cannavaro (born 13 September 1973 in Naples, Italy) is an Italian professional footballer waking him the first, and so far, only defender to win the award, as well as the oldest recipient. Cannavaro's younger brother Paolo is also a professional footballer. Age 32 years old Birthday 13/09/1973 Weight 68.00 kg Height 1.75 meters.

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