Lightning Safety

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Lightning is very unpredictable. People who work with or near explosive or conductive materials, in open spaces or near tall objects, are especially at-risk for lightning striking and injuries. Employers should be responsible for protecting their workers from lightning exposure and take other important lightning safety precautions to lower the chances of these damaging and deadly workplace injuries. Know more about us here:


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Lightning Safety


Lightning Safety Lightning is very unpredictable. If a lightning strike is detected 10 miles away, then the next strike can be at your location. So when do you cease work? Where do you go? How long should work be suspended.


Lightning Safety When should you cease work? -Darkening clouds and increased wind speed -A rapidly growing cumulonimbus clouds -Audible thunder -A severe thunderstorm warning -Regular checking of weather reports


Lightning Safety A little common sense will go a long way with surviving lightning storms while outside and for protecting the structure and equipment there is Lightning Eliminators & Consultant Inc.

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