How terrace waterproofing can save you time and money

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It is your duty to remind your engineer to take adequate measures such as basement and terrace waterproofing against water seepage and leakage.


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How terrace waterproofing can save you time and money? 


There are a number of issues you face during the monsoon season. The most common among them is the issue of water seepage and leakage through floors and ceilings. In a country like India, a majority of buildings suffer from this issue. Needless to say, there are a number of factors behind this problem. The most basic problem is the lack of waterproofing of floors, walls and ceilings during construction. In fact, many engineers do not take into consideration the effect of monsoon on the construction and skip the use of adequate adhesives in the concrete. As a result, during monsoon, the ceilings starts dripping and the floors starts oozing water. If these conditions are not addressed quickly, the quality of concrete deteriorates and the building becomes vulnerable to cracks. So, here are a few tips for you how you can prevent water seepage in your building. 


Urge your engineer to take measures of water seepage  It is your duty to remind your engineer to take adequate measures such as basement and  terrace waterproofing  against water seepage and leakage. If your engineer seems disinterested, you should definitely have second thoughts about working with that engineer. If your engineer seems interested, then ask him, what would be needed to make provision against water seepage. Needless to say, it will increase the budget of construction a bit, as chemical adhesives used to bind the concrete in a better way are quite expensive, but in the end, it will save you lots of repairing costs. 


Use quality grouts  Water leakages through the tile gaps and linings can definitely be prevented with the use of branded grouting material. Most people do not consider the grout with much importance during tile fixing. This is where they make the mistake which get them to suffer later. There are several brands manufacturing quality grouting material. You need to select the best among them. In case of grout, you must never consider the price to be a criteria for your selection. The better the grout, the better equipped your tiles would be to prevent water seepage. Nowadays, you also get colourful grouts in the market. So, you can put up such grouts and enhance the aesthetics of your floors and walls. 


Use waterproofing products   Besides quality grout, you can also apply waterproofing products such as plastic layers on your tiled floor. The waterproofing products cover up the tiles in such a way that there would be no way for water to seep in. Using these products also strengthen the grout in the tile linings, and act as seals. The little water and moisture which seeps through small pores in the grout is absorbed by such chemicals, protecting the tiles from dampness.  


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