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Fire Fighter:

Fire Fighter By: Roe Wilkins

Firefighters Salary:

Firefighters Salary Firefighters respond to emergency situations and rescue people and property from all types of accidents and disaster. They also make an area safer by lowering the risks, including the social and economic costs, caused by fire and other hazards . A Fire Fighters average salary is $41,680.

Clothing and Equipment :

Clothing and Equipment They wear Turnout Clothing while fire fighting and while at the station, they wear a uniform. As well as clothing they also need equipment for keeping them safe and hurrying to get the victims before the fire engulfs them. They will bring a hatchet which is used for breaking through doors. They also use devices like communication accessories to keep them and there fellow workers in contact. Also they wear a breathing apparatus to allow them to breathe in the smoke and get to the victim as fast as possible which is shown in the picture.

Education and Training:

Education and Training They need a 2 year degree in fire science but is not required at most departments. They have to be able to pass CPAT (Candidate Physical Agility Test), get your Firefighter 1 & 2 from a accredited fire college, and get your EMT-basic. The trainees study English, mathematics, chemistry and physics. They are taught respect to real-life situations of fire and destruction. To make the training well-rounded, trainees are also taught strong communication skills and how to handle emergency situations. They need 600 hours of training to qualify.

Fire Fighter Hours:

Fire Fighter Hours Firefighters work about 10-24 hour shifts per day and usually 56 hours per week.

People that would be Interested in this Job:

People that would be Interested in this Job People that are brave and don’t mind doing chivalrous work would be great for this job. Also people that don’t mind protecting their community for a somewhat low pay.



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