Know your privileges on election day

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Voting is at the heart of democracy. A vote sends a direct message to the government about how a citizen wants to be governed. In the United States, the citizen is responsible for his or her own registration. States that have permitted same-day registration have seen slightly higher voting rates than other states. For details visit


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Know your privileges on Election day:

Know your privileges on Election day


As a US citizen, you have a lot of privileges or rights on an election day. Many people don't know this and doesn't cast a vote because of this. Every citizen has the right to vote and here we point out some privileges you have on an election day.


In many voting centers, you don't have to show identification. However, in some you have to show. Bring any of the following identification card with you; Driver's license, U.S. passport, State-issued identification. If you don't have any of these, bring some document which shows your name and address. Documents like Utility bills, Bank Statement, Paycheck stub, Government check, etc. 1. Identification.


Every single vote is important. If you face some problems like your name does not show on the listing, your eligibility is confronted, you don't have an ID. At these times you can ask for a temporary ballot. A temporary or provisional ballot lets voters to cast a vote that will be counted after election officers authenticate eligibility. 2. Don’t abscond without voting.


If you want help to come and vote, you can definitely bring someone with you. If you have difficulty in reading or filling out the ballot, you have the right to bring someone. 3. Assistance.


If you make any mistake on your voting ballot, you have the right to get a new one. 4. Mistakes.


If the line is very long and the polls are about to close, you still have the right to vote. So don't abscond without voting because of long lines. 5. Long Lines.


You have the complete right to vote in secret and without being demoralized. 6. Privacy.


Know your rights and cast a vote. Dan Centinello is a brilliant, experienced and skilled campaign manager. He has experience in this field for over a decade. Dan Centinello has turned out to be an expert on national & international political campaigns.

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