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Running a political campaign is one of the most challenging and exhausting activities possible. Running a typical campaign will mean 12+ hour long work days for several months. They are very important for the election candidates.But the campaign too has some rules that has to be followed.


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Election campaign rules:

Election campaign rules


For every election candidate, having a campaign is very necessary. There are many ways in which an election campaign can be carried out and there are some guidelines which every election campaign should follow. Here we discuss some rules regarding election campaigns.


One of the main thing to consider is the allowed air time per candidate for television and radio. All the advertisement should be limited within the time limit. National – 120 Mins Local – 60 Mins National – 180 Mins Local – 90 Mins


Campaign materials may be posted in personal properties granted it has the approval of the owner.


Parties and candidates require to comply by not using plastic in the creation of their campaign and election propaganda.


Prohibited forms of election propaganda. Trees School halls or buildings Pedestrians Overpasses


Prohibited forms of election propaganda. Patrol Cars, ambulances and government vehicles Waiting sheds, sidewalks, streets, Public transport terminals Public utility vehicles


Prohibited forms of election propaganda. TV programs, documentaries, movies depicting the life or life story of a candidate, or in which a character is depicted by an artist or media celebrity who himself is candidate.


Prohibited forms of election propaganda. During public gatherings, candidates and parties are not permitted to provide or accept free transportation, food and drinks or anything of value during and within 5 hours before and after a public gathering.


Penalties for breaking election campaign rules. Imprisonment of 1-6 years Disqualification to hold public office Pay fine


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