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Creating a social media strategy for use during political campaigns has become an essential part of every candidate’s plan to get into office. With social media sites often getting more traffic than an official campaign website, it’s important for candidates to get connected. http://www.pinterest.com/dancentinello/


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Social media and election campaigns:

Social media and election campaigns


Social media sites have gained popularity among the people very quickly. We saw the rising of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. All these sites have an impact on almost every aspect of human life. Social media sites are also very much used in election campaigns. People uses the social media to monitor their candidates of choice.


We have seen the rise of smartphones. More than 50 percent of the world population is using some kind of mobile phones and most of it are smartphones. The rise of the smartphone is certainly not something that happened overnight, but its dominance is poised to have an extreme impact on elections. More people use smartphones for election coverage.


At present, people in the political world talk about having a Twitter policy or strategies, but if you had talked about those things a few years back, you would have been laughed out of the room. That much social media has sites have influenced the lives of people in every area of life.


Social media-heavy campaigns provide access, opinions and engagement to all people, not just the ones who can afford it by donating to campaigns. And even though campaigns still look for to accomplish the same basic goals and objectives, the rise in social media seems to make sure that those running for office are held to a higher and more strict norms than before.


Many voters prioritize social media for its “dependability.” They say they are likely to rely more heavily on these types of political outreach and enjoy avoiding the “filter” of larger news networks.


For politicians, the benefit social media brings to a campaign is inevitable. They get to convey their own message in the way they want. They are not framed by any media outlet whatsoever. And they have a direct line to voters, it provides great opportunity in a campaign.


So as to conclude, the importance of social media sites in elections is inevitable. There are many reasons to come to this point. Some have been discussed here. The impact of social media on the people's lives is something which we cannot ignore.


Dan Centinello is a skilled campaign manager with over 10 years of experience. Before the age of 30 he has grown to be the expert on domestic and international political campaigns. www.facebook.com/centinello

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