Email Marketing Campaign


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Campaigning using emails is the latest campaign trend.It really effective method of campaigning.In this candidate is able to reach the voters personally and also people can give their own personal messages for the candidates.


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Email Marketing Campaign:

Email Marketing Campaign


In election campaigns, many different ways are used for the promotion of a candidate. Email is one among them. Through email, the candidate can reach the public personally and convey his/her message to them. The people can also convey their support through emails. Email marketing campaigns have proven effective. Here we discuss some tips in making an email campaign more effective.


Always use a familiar 'From name'. Keep the 'From Name' constant, so that the receiver can identify the sender easily. Or else, use a name which the public is familiar with like the company name. ‘From Name’.


Emails are a great way to make feel the public more cared for individually. While sending a mail use the recipient's first name. It will definitely create a personal feeling to the recipient. Recipient’s name.


Pictures are a great way to make a lasting impression on the mind of people. Make the mail visually appealing by adding images. Put images that will be appreciated by the readers. Make the candidate’s face familiar with images on the mail. Add images to the mail.


The influence of social media sites at the present time is inevitable. Everything is linked to social media sites. Incorporate chief social media links in the email and promote social sharing. Campaigns that use social media links in the mails attain 28% more email open rates. Social Media Links.


Some users may not open a mail when they see the 'From' address. So in order to persuade these users to open a mail, include a great subject line on the Pre-Header. It should provide more details about the mail. More than 50% of the users open an email because of the Pre-Header. Pre-Header in emails.


Like email marketing, there a lot other different techniques to reach the public to boost up a candidate. An effective election campaign will do the job. Dan Centinello is a brilliant, experienced and skilled campaign manager. He has experience in this field for over a decade. Dan Centinello has turned out to be an expert on national & international political campaigns.

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