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Radial engines are one of the most used configurations for aircraft engines, be it the real big ones or the RC ones. In case you want to derive the most fun from flying an RC plane, you should use our radial engine ignitions. Website: https://www.ch-ignitions.com/product-category/engine-conversions/saito-engines/radial/


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Radial Engines Ignitions Presented by: Radial Engines Ignitions

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5 benefits of using radial engines in your RC plane Flying an RC plane is a great hobby to build but the real fun is when you start building it. Building an RC plane is a great exercise when you would get the sense of accomplishment and the flying would be much more pleasurable. However to build an RC plane one needs to understand the types of engines and other parts well. Talking about engines there are several engines that you could use but none of them come as close to the perfection that is a radial engine. The need of the radial engine and radial engine ignitions cant be denied when building your dream RC/UAV plane.

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Here are some benefits of using the radial engine in your next RC/UAV plane.  Easy to maintain: Radial engines and accessories related to it like the radial engine ignition are extremely easy to maintain. It is open to all cleaning and maintenance purposes and doesnt take a lot of time to work on it.  Tough engines: Radial engines are old-school ones and they have a simpler design than most modern engines. This makes them extremely tough ones owing to the initial designs. Radial engines were used in combat airplanes as well. This shows the toughness of the engine.  Smooth to operate: When someone starts building a new RC/UAV project the main purpose is to fly it across distances. If performance is considered radial engines are the ones which stand out.  Reliable: Radial engines and radial engine ignitions are extremely reliable. There is less vibration caused due to radial engines which leads to less wear and tear.

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 Affordable: Another big reason people turn up to radial engines is that the engines and other parts related to it are affordable and easily available. When one uses a radial engine all the costs are reduced by a good margin. These are the 5 major benefits of using the radial engine in your RC/UAV plane. You would be left with a lot of money that you would have spent otherwise. Moreover the parts needed for the radial engine like the radial engine ignitions are also affordable and easily available. You can convert many engines into the ideal radial engine and run your RC plane easily.

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