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Radial engines are one of the most used configurations for aircraft engines, be it the real big ones or the RC ones. In case you want to derive the most fun from flying an RC plane, you should use our radial engine ignitions. Website: https://www.ch-ignitions.com/product-category/engine-conversions/saito-engines/radial/


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CH Ignitions have been manufacturing and servicing ignitions and engines for over 30 years and have been proved best for providing best quality of engines and also service. CH Ignitions provides the best way of conversion from OEM CDI to CH CDI which other engines lack. Our ignitions are well suited over any other engines including the power Saito, 3W, OS, ZDZ, RC engines and ROTO engines for its conversion purpose. About CH Ignitions

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Radial Engine The radial engine is an internal combustion engine configuration  in which the  cylinders radiate from a central  crankcase to the outer environment. It resembles a star  when observed straight, and is therefore named as "star engine" 

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Radial Engine Ignition Radial engines or star engine is one of the most widely used invention for aircraft engines much before the famous gas turbine engines became popular. It is important to get the right type of  radial engine ignition for the construction of perfect Engines. CH Ignitions have wide variety of options when it comes to radial engines ignition. 

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CH Ignitions provides a economical solution on converting a wide variety of engine to GLOW CDI or Gasoline conversion . Saito Conversion

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Products Provided By CH Ignition   Ignition conversion kits Timing kits Bolt on kit    Saito Engines   OS and Moki Engines Super Tigre 3W Engines and other ignition components.

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Accessories Provided Pick up Hall Effect Sensors Spark Plug Adapters Spark Plugs Spark Plug Repair Kits Timing Kits

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URL-https://www.ch-ignitions.com/product-category/ignitions/ E-MAIL -adrian@ch-ignitions.com ADDRESS-14842 93rd St. N, West Palm Beach, Florida, 33412, USA Contact Info: CALL ME AT-(561 ) 927-6171 TIMING-  9:30am - 7:30pm

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