3 Things You Should Never Say To Your Website Designer


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Check these points prior to meet your website designer.


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VizionOnline.co.uk 3 Things You Should Never Say To Your Website Designer

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1. I Don’t Know What Design I Want For My Website It is quite confusing for a designer that which design he should go for it without knowing the object of the project. You might put website designer in a compromising situation and this might affect your website. Your designer may not able to come up with the best idea. VizionOnline.co.uk

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2. Can You Make My Website Exactly Like This One? (Showing Another Website) Clients find examples of other design they like and present the design to their website designer. The client may also ask the designer to copy another company’s logo which is also wrong. It is not correct to say to copy other people’s website design as they might have formed from their own mind. VizionOnline.co.uk

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3. This Can Be Done By This Date. Ca You Do It? This makes designer nervous and might end up making not so good design. The designer might do work faster than to taking the normal time. VizionOnline.co.uk

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