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Our Collection of modern designer rugs are carefully crafted and woven from high quality materials across the world including bamboo silk and wool.


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5 Ways to Shop for Modern Rugs Online:

5 Ways to Shop for Modern Rugs Online

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Shopping online has its risks but there is a smart way to go about it. If you’re spring cleaning and you think it is time to shop for some designer rugs online it is important to be prepared before you start looking.

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1. What Is the Size of the Rug ? Determining where you’re going to put your new rug is the easy part. Finding out what size is suitable to fill the space is more of a test. The size of the rug can make a huge difference to what a room look likes. Smaller rugs can highlight feature furniture while protecting the floor from heavy furniture such as a coffee table. If you’re unsure what size you should get, the best thing to do is to get a measuring tape. You can also use painter’s tape to mark out where the rug will go and how much of the room it will take up. This will help you visualise the final look for your room. 5 Ways to Shop for Modern Rugs Online

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You may not know but the material a rug is made out of determines how easy it is to clean or not. Rugs with heat set synthetic fibres are the easiest, low maintenance option for cleaning and vacuuming. You might fall in love with a particular rug design but make sure you check what it is made out of first before you decide to purchase it. 2. What is the Material Made Out of ?

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When you’re shopping online, avoid shopping on overseas websites. Ordering from overseas can involve long delivery times. It is best to shop from an Australian owned company with a physical store location. Checking whether they have a valid email address and contact number is wise before you order online. Expensive items often have a warranty available. 3. Is it an Australian Owned Company ?

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Always check the terms and conditions of your purchase. If a rug is on sale, it is likely that the item has a no return policy attached to it. If you purchase a rug online and it turns out to be the wrong size, shape or colour than you had pictured, a negotiable returns policy in place will save you a lot of hassle. If the rug arrives and you have changed your mind, ensure that you return it within the website’s stated return policy. 4. What is the Return Policy ?

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Last but not least it is important to compare prices especially during sale periods. You might think you have found a reasonably priced rug only to find a very similar rug is on sale on a different website. Find out what makes the difference between the rugs. 5. Compare Prices

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