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Gothic clothing There is no need to make excursions to the distant gloomy past: Gothic as a clothing style has the same relation to the Middle Ages as a theater ticketed to art. The Gothic style is “tiny” of silhouettes elements typical of ancient costumes of different eras specific accessories and completely modern materials. No this is not Gothic as a historical period. A fantasy of old times developed under the influence of fairy tales of princesses and dragons legends of the sacred goblets and unicorns chivalric novels and film noir. Gothic fashion - books about gloomy castles ghosts harsh armor beautiful virgins and alchemists - began to form at the end of the century before last as the role of religion waned. The fascination with the topic continued in subsequent decades. Finally in the 70s in Britain on the platform of the punk movement a separate subculture arose that absorbed interest in pseudo-Gothic music horror decadence esoteric ... And gave rise to a new fashion - the Gothic style. It reflects the desire for mystery mysticism and allows silently through clothes and jewelry to declare himself as an outstanding and mysterious person. Despite the fact that the subculture of Goths quickly stratified into many currents they remain characteristic of Gothic style: the predominance of black clear silhouette sharp lines objects details that correlate with past centuries the early or late Middle Ages the Renaissance the Victorian era a combination of different textures in a suit - for example vinyl and tulle velvet and latex satin and leather a taboo for gold jewelry since gold for the Goths is worldly despicable metal specific symbols - the Celtic cross and the Egyptian Ankh crucifixes skulls and skeletons bats black cats ... And other emblems evoking associations with death and witchcraft spectacular dramatic makeup with emphasis on the eyes whiteness of the face and bloody lips. This ends the general since the Gothic style is one of the most chaotic and “motley”. Varieties of the Gothic Style Gothic fashion is usually divided into the following main trends: androgynous Gothic antique classic Victorian romantic vampire western gothic Jay- Gothic “Gothic Lolita” Gypsy - gothic cyber gothic corporate gothic steampunk- gothic tribal gothic faerie -gothic gothic fetish. And each of these areas has its own “chips”. Techniques for creating an image in different Gothic groups Antique classic Goths are focused on the English costume which has been in use since the end of the 18th century. And this is a very wide nomenclature: frock coats camisoles tailcoats and triples robe dresses skirts on frames corsets garters top hats veils ... But this is not enough the image of a classic goth requires reinforcement with many romantic and aristocratic details: lace collars tails draperies magnificent cuffs lacing gloves openwork umbrellas. Androgynous Goths dress in such a way as to create the impression of an asexual “alien” creature. If you are ready for such reincarnations then first of all you need a wide cloak a cloak with a chaperone or a mantle the folds of which will hide the figure. Vampire Goths exploit the theme of ghouls and werewolves. Representatives of this Gothic group imitate the characters of movie stories about Dracula and other ghouls. If you are among the admirers of vampire sagas and thrillers about zombies then keep in mind that you need to bet on a combination of coal-black and sinister-scarlet color. Western Goths. To life this trend has caused the creativity of American Gothic rockers performing in wide hats shading faces and high boots. Actually these items as well as fringe leather bracelets spurs whips are required for those who want to try on the character of a courageous but romantic Goth-cowboy. Jay- Goths - the direction has developed under the influence of anime in the bowels of Japanese youth subcultures and concerns girls hence the second name - Gothic Lolita. Aesthetics jay - ready - puppetry fragility infantilism emphasized by dark mourning clothes and often rough shoes. Transformation into a doll is facilitated by dresses and skirts with a lush hem to the knee crinolines lace blouses and hats. All clothes are generously decorated with ruffles frills bows and reminds more of Rococo than Gothic. Complement it with wigs net stockings or striped golfs handbags coffins.

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Gypsy Goths imitate ancient gypsies - sorcerers warlocks and fortune tellers. Their clothes are baggy shirts blouses and sweatshirts with spacious sleeves Zouave pants multi-tiered skirts shawls scarves hats headbands. Monists bracelets a large number of amulets beads from wood and ornamental stones are attached to basic items. Black color in such a portrait is not dominant instead of it there can be red blue burgundy. Cyber- Goths - one of the most striking extreme areas. And not only because cyber- goths combine black with acid paints. And because they actively use latex and vinyl spikes chains rings and earrings of techno genic design they carry luminous wires chips sensors microcircuits parts made of fluorescent plastic. Corporate Goths on the other hand are the softest kind of style. Gothic culture in general is a silent protest and it is especially silent when it comes to office plankton people whose work involves a rigorous dress code. Nevertheless corporate Goths or corporate slaves as they call themselves manage to combine the principles of the Gothic subculture with a business suit. If you want to stay in their place buy a black three and black shoes a long black skirt or dress a pair of prim blouses with lace frills and discreet little things that do not attract the attention of customers - hairpins or cufflinks of a Gothic theme. Steampunk Goths - their aesthetic worldview is a symbiosis of Victorian and Cyberpunk Gothic. However nothing complicated: the antique Gothic look must be diluted with steampunk elements: wristbands watches monocles baubles made of copper brass in the form of gears springs nuts bolts and weights. The point in cosplay will be the Goggles. Tribal goths gravitate towards ethnicity which is reflected in clothing shawls like shamans harem pants slit skirts bodices and shawls for belly dancing talismans made of bone wood shells folklore ornaments. If you are a lover of dreadlocks pigtails tattooing piercing scarfing and other “primitive” body modifications then you have a short trip to tribal goths. Fairies - Fairy Goths Fairy Goths are ardent fantasy fans imitating fairies. Apparently this is the most glamorous type of Gothic fashion. And not only because the “fairies” put on light translucent fabrics and colored tights and black is diluted abundantly with blue or pink. But also because they adorn themselves with baubles tiaras flowers rhinestones wings. Fetish Gutless Fetish goths represent the sexiest form of Gothic image. They put in chokers bandages belts chains handcuffs high-heeled shoes with shiny fasteners and buckles ... That is things from adult stores. The clothes in this case are tight drafting: leather pants latex leggings shorts “overcast” overalls bustier vinyl tops dresses with cut-outs perforations rivets ... Colors - black black with scarlet purple. Universal Gothic Wardrobe Gothic fashion is constantly evolving giving rise to more and more new trends recall we called only the main ones. However there is a basic wardrobe on which the style as a whole is based. For men this is first of all a suit stylized to any of past eras: from Harlequins outfit to dress coat with shirt- front. And also raincoats velvet jackets black leather trousers or wide pants jackets-jackets with metal fittings sweatshirts with pointed hoods black t-shirts turtlenecks mesh shirts. The spread is so wide that it makes it easy to embody both an emphatically masculine image and a slender elegant one. For women the creative field is also free. Here and Cape capes with hoods and dresses maxi or knee-length complex bizarre fashions and dresses covers dresses with trains bolero jackets layered skirt with jagged jagged edges air embroidered blouses outdoor corsets. Suitable fabrics are silk cambric taffeta organza guipure chiffon wrinkled velvet brocade satin latex leather and vinyl. Colors - black burgundy cobalt- blue jade- green purple. Hats and shoes Gibus cylinders shlyapy- kishnoty clothes detail Catholic nuns and kolpaki- Karoche that set up on the eve of their execution of heretics today can be seen only during costume parties and festivals. Street Gothic for the most part dispenses with hats. Of shoes first of all army boots or Cossacks high boots with lacing are needed. Women can add to this list ankle boots and shoes with a thick platform or rough heels. A hairpin an open toe are possible but are infrequent. All types of shoes a list with photos: mens and womens shoes from A to Z Gothic style in clothing: accessories and decor Gothic-style jewelry - massive made of white alloys. This circuit signet-rings collars necklaces bracelets large baroque crosses from silver nickel silver zinc and steel ... Among gotess popular klipsy- Kaffa brooches pendants and imaging spiders salamanders and other symbols pentagram occult. Bags -

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backpacks bags barrels clutches made of patent leather or velvet. It is not a problem to choose an original attribute in the Gothic spirit: a huge number of online stores sell them which confirms the relevance of Gothic style . The props in the Gothic style is part of the continuation of the portrait: for example it also includes umbrellas canes pince-nez belts with skulls on buckles wallets with crosses and rivets and even respirators made of leather straps. Hairstyle and makeup In modern Gothic style there are few hats because they are replaced by hairstyles. Very often this is not just a styling but a real Gothic manifesto. Everything is allowed: Iroquois shaved whiskey long curls curls multi- colored strands intricate "towers" decorated with bows and lace tiaras and hoops wigs of blue burgundy platinum color. Visage in a Gothic manner also implies a lot of variations from makeup that looks like a Halloween mask to a very ordinary make-up in gloomy colors. The most popular however is the vamp makeup style among gothesses : black eyeliner dark gray smokey ice and terry eyelashes clotted blood lipstick and the same nails. Gothic style and high fashion. Demand for gothic style returns every few years thanks to the efforts of designers. Givenchy Alexander McQueen Versace Donna Karan Giles Deacon Valentino other fashion houses tirelessly produce collections saturated with sullen and majestic Gothic energy. Charlize TheronKristen StewartKaty PerryEva GreenAngelina JolieGwyneth PaltrowEmma S toneLady Gaga Oil Stars add to this “medieval” bonfire. Charlize Theron Kristen Stewart Katy Perry Eva Green Angelina Jolie Gwyneth Paltrow Emma Stone Lady Gaga so often dress up in Gothic clothes that there is no doubt: this bizarre style despite its pseudo-historicity never ceases to excite blood and tickle your nerves.

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