Making the case for Outplacement – Why choose RiseSmart?


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How RiseSmart’s career transition technology and high-touch outplacement services will help you achieve brand protection, lower attrition, lower unemployment tax charges and workshops on career coaching & motivation for outplaced workforce. Visit to see how outplacement is a vital element of an organization’s HR wing.


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Making the Case for Choosing RiseSmart:

Making the Case for Choosing RiseSmart


© 2015 RiseSmart, Inc. 2 Brand depreciation Employee dissatisfaction, turnover and lost productivity Legal liability Outplacement program costs Facing a Layoff? If so, you are justifiably concerned about: Unemployment tax charges


© 2015 RiseSmart, Inc. 3 Take advantage of the help , guidance and management of an experienced, state-of-the-art , full-service outplacement provider WHAT CAN YOU DO ?


© 2015 RiseSmart, Inc. 4 RiseSmart Meets Your Needs RiseSmart’s innovative fusion of technology and hands-on personal services helps you achieve your outplacement goals Greater brand protection Lower attrition Favorable risk mitigation Lower program costs Reduced unemployment tax charges


© 2015 RiseSmart, Inc. 5 RiseSmart’s programs create better engagement, accountability and results for affected employees Helping reduce the risk of negative branding and PR Demonstrating commitment to their well being Greater Brand Protection


© 2015 RiseSmart, Inc. 6 RiseSmart’s onsite support improves communication and decreases stress Conveying concern for the best interests of retained employees Helping reduce lost productivity and absenteeism during the transition period Lower Attrition


© 2015 RiseSmart, Inc. 7 RiseSmart offers workshops ( SmartSessions ) and day-of-notification support Helping reduce anxiety , frustration and resentment for both existing employees and those delivering notifications Providing encouragement and motivation through 1:1 and group coaching onsite to reduce the risk of legal action Favorable Risk Mitigation


© 2015 RiseSmart, Inc. 8 RiseSmart’s virtual model reduces the need for office space and expensive infrastructure Enabling more services and investment in technology, increasing VALUE for your employees Providing each participant with a personal Transition Coach, Certified Professional Resume Writer and Job Concierge Lower Program Costs


© 2015 RiseSmart, Inc. 9 Fast landing for employees is enabled by RiseSmart’s high-touch, high-tech approach Reduced Unemployment Tax Charges RiseSmart’s proprietary SmartMatch engine discovers the most relevant job leads while participants work 1:1 with coaches on networking, interviewing and negotiation skills Unemployment period is shortened, affecting your potential unemployment tax charges the following year


© 2015 RiseSmart, Inc. 10 80% of eligible participants land within their program terms 71% find jobs with equal or greater salaries than those they left 63% faster landing rates than the national average We have received more awards than all of our competitors combined Industry Leader, Proven Results RiseSmart, a Randstad company, is the nation’s fastest-growing outplacement firm Our proprietary technology was built as the foundation for our expert-designed, high-touch services to deliver an integrated transition experience to participants. Our methodology is tailored for contemporary job seekers and is constantly refreshed to stay up-to-date with the job market.

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