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Transforming Communities for the 21st Century: 

Customer Solutions Group Intel Corporation Transforming Communities for the 21st Century Allan Rakos

Why Are You Here?: 

Why Are You Here? To learn more about Digital Communities Participate in a new program that Intel, Cisco, Panasonic, Intermec and Accela are launching to scale Digital Communities Take advantage of the significant investment made by these companies New opportunities to sell solutions into the local government Tools, Training and programs to support your sales efforts Sales leads to close more deals…

Why Are We Here?: 

Why Are We Here? Expand the Digital Communities effort Address the high growth market opportunity Build on momentum of existing success Respond to increasing customer demand Force multiplication Utilize sales force market impact Combined effort to deliver aggregated solutions Assist you in selling solutions into SLG Make you more successful !


Agenda Relevance to You The Overall Environment Digital Community Overview The Solution Starter Kit Program Sales Process & Program Support


Digital Communities

$87.4 Billion Projected for State & Local IT Spending in 2006: 

$87.4 Billion Projected for State & Local IT Spending in 2006 $90B $80B $70B $60B $50B $40B $30B $20B $10B $0 State & Local Federal Source: *Center for Digital Government, ** National Association of State Budget Officers (NASBO)) State & Local IT Spending in US 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 $55.8 $68 $78.1 $81.12 $81.12 $83.3 $34.5 $38.5 $42 $52 $59.3 $60

State & Local Represents 19.1M or 91% of Government Employment: 

State & Local Represents 19.1M or 91% of Government Employment Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics 1.9M 5.1M 14M % Change Since 1994 Local + 18.1% State + 9.6% Federal - 11.4%

Local Government Environment: 

Local Government Environment Municipalities are embracing Broadband and mobile applications in key areas Public Safety Government Services Citizen and Business Services Legislation / Emerging new business models… Range of Bband technology UWB, RFID, 3G WiFi, WiFi Mesh and WiMAX Municipal wireless drives innovation among developers

The Mobile Technology Shift: 

The Mobile Technology Shift


40 30 20 10 0 YEAR 1 YEAR 2 YEAR 3 YEAR 4 YEAR 5 Subscribers and Users (M) Source: ISDN: ITU Telecommunication Database ’03Cable & Broadband: Gartner, Dataquest, Dell’Oro Wi-Fi: Instat Wireless Adoption vs. Wire line Broadband meets Wireless

Wireless Technologies Will Co-Exist: 

Wide Area Network Metropolitan Area Network Local Area Network Personal Area Network Wireless Technologies Will Co-Exist The Result: Always Best Connected *Other brands and names are the property of their respective owners. “the Broadband Wireless Era”


Mobile PC Market opportunity Mobility on the Rise

An Array of Devices: 

An Array of Devices Flash Memory Chipsets EDGE W-CDMA (3G) WiMAX Wi-Fi CPUs PHONE PLATFORM NOTEBOOK PLATFORM Unified Mobile Experience Common Manufacturing Processes


Citizen Satisfaction Economic Vitality Safety & Security Bridging the Digital Divide DIGITAL COMMUNITIES Digital Communities is the Fabric Connecting the Community Digital Communities Benefits Through Transformation

Building a Digital Community : 

eGovernment Services INFRASTRUCTURE Government Citizens Business Building a Digital Community

The Digital Community Continuum: 

The Digital Community Continuum Unwire Mobilize Digital Community Ready Community Integration Integrated Digital Community Utilize Extend


Westminster, UK S. Korea Osaka, Japan Cleveland, OH Corpus Christi, TX Philadelphia Mangaratiba, Brazil Düsseldorf, Germany Jerusalem Taipei …moving toward mobilized services Digital Communities World wide Monaco Gyor, Hungary Portland, OR

Mobile Applications & Services: 

Mobile Applications & Services Business Government Citizens

Mobile Services for Digital Communities: 

Mobile Services for Digital Communities


Intel enables complete solutions Intel’s Role in the Digital Community

Communities Are Asking for ….: 

Communities Are Asking for ….


22 22 22 22 22 22 © 2005 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Presentation_ID Your involvement DIGITAL COMMUNITIES


Digital Community Solution Starter Kit Network Communication To the Edge Device Solution Integration



Digital Communities Solution Starter Kit: 

Digital Communities Solution Starter Kit Intel, Cisco, Panasonic, Intermec and Accela together will deliver: Proven, end to end mobile field service solutions Best of breed Compiled from selected GSA approved solutions Single point of contact Toolkit to include: Hardware and peripherals from Panasonic and Intermec, Accela Wireless Software, Cisco Outdoor Wireless Network and Integration Services Business case Blueprints/whitepapers Application Focus: Land Management: Inspections, Licensing & Permits

Solution Starter Kit Overview: 

Solution Starter Kit Overview Two Options: 20 user or 50 user solution Software: Accela Land Management + Accela Wireless hosted service + basic implementation Hardware: Panasonic Toughbooks 29 or 18 Intermec Handhelds 761 Optional ruggedized printers – truck mounted and belt mounted Network : ½ square mile and 1 square mile hot spots or zones mesh network from Cisco Installation and set-up services Starter Kit will be used as a reference point and selling tool for partners to engage potential customers

City Of Cleveland: 

City Of Cleveland Intel, Cisco & Accela came together to: Mobilized Department of Water inspectors for inspections, licensing and permitting Implemented in 11 key departments Mobile inspection solution for 100+ field staff Enterprise solution with on-line citizen access and GIS integration Using handhelds, running Accela Wireless on Cisco Outdoor Wireless Network Key benefits: faster response time to customers, additional licensing revenue, enhanced productivity and better tracking metrics

Digital Communities Website: 

Digital Communities Website Educational content: Technology blueprints, whitepapers, case studies, best practices, business case tools…. Independent forum for vendors and communities to share successes and key learnings. Sponsored by: Intel, Cisco, Panasonic, Sybase, Dell, IBM, ESRI, Intermec, Accela, Vizible, Simdesk and CDW-G

Sales Engagement Strategy: 

Sales Engagement Strategy Installed-base Provide starter kit option in all quotes Provide supporting documents and contact information for partners Response For Proposals (RFP) Provide starter kit option in all RFPs Provide supporting documents and contact information for partners New Clients Introduce the Digital Communities initiative and provide with starter kit information Introduce partners to potential clients

Agenda for Today: 

Agenda for Today


Lets go make this Program a big success! Learn how Intel, Cisco, Accela, Panasonic & Intermec can help you increase your business ! Learn how Digital Communities is becoming the New Municipal competitive reality Mobile Solutions enhanced by Wireless are desired by communities around the world Today

Thank You: 

Thank You



Key Contacts: 

Key Contacts

Back up: 

Back up

Framework Technologies: 

Unified directory services and access control. Federated gateways enable protocol interoperability Geospatial information is linked real-time w/ user location and identity profile to create powerful mapping interface. Policy-based routing and management of web services enabling edge intelligence and scalability Forward Business Integration tier manages GIS to application interactions and mobile user proxy (MSI) Digital Communities business process choreography and Composite Web Service interactions are managed by SOE Controllers Back-End Business Integration tier to existing Communities services & extended public & private sector services Frontline Authentication, Authorization & Accounting (AAA) control access to network infrastructure Framework Technologies


Digital Community Proof of Concept Cleveland, OH Application Accela Building, Licensing And Permitting solution enhanced by WiFi infrastructure for 11 departments Benefits Increased revenue thru field worker productivity, faster response time to customers Solution Partners Cisco, IBM, Accela, Activa Westminster, UK Application Video surveillance; mobile field apps for Community response and protection; audio and data capabilities Benefits 25% reduction in crime, 15+% increase in mobile field worker productivity, $3M projected annual savings Solution Partners Cisco, BT, Cap Gemini, ONYX, Vertex, Telindus Corpus Christi, TX Application Streaming video to police vehicles; video surveillance for Port security; Automated Vehicle Location; building inspection / permitting; Automated Meter Reading - all based on a 20 sq mile WiFi mesh infrastructure Benefits Increased revenue by field worker productivity gains, improved customer service, faster emergency response, increased security, improved data and information Solution Partners IBM, Northrop Grumman, SAP, Dell, iMove Taipei, Taiwan Application e-University online learning; ePaper exchange mgmt for land mgmt, civil affairs, building and urban development; surveillance for schools, Govt, financial institutions and business; Intelligent traffic mgmt and GIS system Benefits Improved education – 654 classes, 82 courses, 29k students, productivity increase thru >400 agencies using ePaper exchange, faster emergency response thru GIS and surveillance, real time traffic mgmt and information Solution Partners Nortel, Qware, Chungua, Microsoft, HP

Building the Digital Community: 

Building the Digital Community Modular & Scalable Communities will prioritize what is built…& how fast The Digital Communities Foundation Digital Community Ready Interoperability eGovernment Services Key Applications & Usage Models


Mobile Field Services Field services – Inspection, permitting, licensing and asset mgmt are key services. Automating the process and extending functionality to tablet and handheld devices in the field, allowing inspectors access to broadband throughout the City utilizing WiFi technology. Results: Reduced permit approval times, field efficiency and increased revenue. Public Safety – 1st Responders Video Surveillance – Police cars with the ability to monitor and control streaming video content.  Instead of routing imagery back to the command center, these solutions enable 1st responders to see activity at a scene real time prior to arrival. Results: Deploying real time information tools to the front line – where critical decisions are made. Device Monitoring and Management Utility meters – Automated meter reading (AMR) solutions for gas and water meters.  Meters on homes and businesses are being equipped with WiFi devices which report consumption several times a day and manage energy consumption. Results: Energy savings esp. during peak demands, labor savings, detection of leaks. Citizen Access – Education e-Education: Extended learning programs offer course content for anywhere, anytime access. Real time parent – teacher collaboration made possible Applications Driving DC Mobile Solutions


Develop a strong Digital Communities Deployment Pipeline Work collaboratively and with key partners to scale efforts Drive demand for mobilized solutions for Government Mobile Workforce Starter Kit will be used as a reference point and selling tool for partners to engage potential customers Use our combined resources to reach, inspire and educate and sell solutions to: CIOs; Mayors; Communities Administrators; State and Local Executives 3 Starter Kit Program Objectives:


Summary: Market Evolution Strategy for New Solutions Step 1: Educate Gov Tech Portal Step 2: Create Demand Intel led multi-channel go to market Program with GovTech and 11 Sponsors Step 3: Productized Solutions Digital Community Starter Kit – Mobile Land Management Sell & Implement: Upcoming seminar and webinar series to support starter kit sales Your listing on Digital Communities portal 16

Digital Community Launch Event: 

Digital Community Launch Event

2012 Projected Employment by Industry (in millions): 

2012 Projected Employment by Industry (in millions) Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics Manufacturing Education & Health Services Retail State and Local Government Hospitality Finance Trans. Federal Government # of Employees = # of Potential IT Users

Digital Communities Starter Kit : 

Digital Communities Starter Kit End-to-End Aggregated Solutions: Proven, end to end mobile field service solutions Best of breed Compiled from selected GSA approved solutions Single point of contact Toolkit to include: Hardware, Application Software, Cisco Outdoor Wireless Network and Integration Services Business case Solution Blueprints / whitepapers on business value, deployment & ROI measures Application Focus: Inspections, Licensing & Permits Asset Management Video Surveillance Code enforcement Public Safety Distance learning Healthcare

Miami Dade County Fire & Rescue: 

Miami Dade County Fire & Rescue

Digital Communities Mobile Workers: 

Digital Communities Mobile Workers * Government employee numbers exclude Health, Education, and Military Source: World Bank, IDC, AMI, Yankee Group


Digital City Business Model Innovation

End-to-End Permit Process (Sample) : 

End-to-End Permit Process (Sample) Accept Application


UK EPP (HCI) since 1999. Businesses loan equipment to employee. Tax-free benefit worth £500/year Sweden Tax-free EPP since 1998. Pay-roll deduction over 3 years. PC Penetration: 41%  80% by 2001. France SPP: “a PC for a Coffee a day” Affordable, low interest bank loans. Government Logo & advertising University Wi-Fi build out + e-Learning. Italy Government vouchers, grants, discounts. Variety of demographic-based programs aimed at students, teachers, citizens. Egypt “PC for Every Home” Telco Bundle (PC, iNet access, training) PC financed through monthly phone bill. Philippines Low HH PC penetration, Hi Poverty “People’s PC Program” launched 2003 Digital Inclusion; Economic Recovery Brazil “PC Conectado” Tax credits worth $80M ($150 per PC). Gov’t. sponsored marketing campaign Saudi Home Computing Initiative – March 2005 Reaching 1M HHelds over 5 years. Economic Vitality Through Digital Inclusion

Anatomy of a Deal: 

Anatomy of a Deal Scenario: Cisco ATP Partners find an opportunity/RFP for the Starter Kit Solution They go to www.govtech.net/dcstarterkit to learn more about the solution and send the contact us email They follow the engagement rules for each of the other 3 solution providers and contact the companies based on opportunity specifics The companies respond within a defined timeframe to support the opportunity (usually 24 hours) The combined team works on winning the opportunity City/Community still would have contracts with individual vendors/reseller partners

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