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The difference between good and not so good newspaper layout : 

The difference between good and not so good newspaper layout Brought to you by Amy McCarthy


All of theses papers exhibit well done stylistic layout Each has clear and accurate headlines and are void of tomb stoning.


Tomb stoning articles is when a paper lays out two articles right next to each other with similar headline fonts and sizes, making it unclear for the readers to distinguish the separate articles. Tomb stoning can be easily avoided with the use of correct stylistic layout. In most cases, layout can be arranged without using two articles directly side by side. Articles can be placed horizontally or vertically with photos as borders. other layout tools are shading, fill effects, and boxing.


This picture divides the page to separate articles and attract readers to the page. This headline clearly states what the article will be about. The preview box separates each feature for clear reading and a clean look for the front page. None of the articles are placed directly side by side.


Most newspap-ers try not to use too many pictures or too large of pictures on the front page. However, when something as drastic as the destruction of the World Trade center, a large picture such as this one is captivating to readers.


Almost every newspaper in the world reported on the attack of the twin towers. Each uses different stylistic layout to portray the event accurately and interestingly.


This student paper is not in any sort of real layout style and is an example of something not to do. Here are two articles directly sided by side, a definite no no. All headlines are the same font and size, which doesn’t signify any importance to any of the articles and is very boring. Another error is that none of the pictures have cut lines, something that almost every newspaper picture is required to have.


The End P.S. If you have any questions or comments feel free to ask for my time.

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