How to Choose the Right Dog or Cat Boarding Facility?

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Choosing the right boarding facility for your pet can be a tedious task but not with these guidelines. Go through this piece of content and ensure that you are choosing the right home away from home for your pet. Contact us at (03) 9436 1494 or visit our website and get the best pet boarding.


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W e h e l p y o u r d o g s g e t t h e e x e r c i s e t h e y n e e d RILTEN KENNELS Y O U R P E T S I N G O O D H A N D S w w w . r i l t e n k e n n e l s . c o m . a u

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w w w . r i l t e n k e n n e l s . c o m . a u HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT DOG OR CAT BOARDING FACILITY B O O K O U R S E R V I C E S N O W First of all having a pet regardless of it being a dog or a cat is definitely the best thing one can have. But owning a pet means there comes along a different set of responsibilities that you as an owner need to adhere to Like for instance summer is approaching and you have some great vacation plans this year. So what will you do with your pet Thus comes into the picture - the option of dog and Cat Boarding Bundoora

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w w w . r i l t e n k e n n e l s . c o m . a u Basically if you arent able to find a pet sitter or simply prefer more professional service while you are away these pet boarding options turn out to be the best resort. Like choosing the right facility of dog boarding in Bundoora will provide your dog with daily exercise feedings and all the other care from the trained staff. Every pet boarding comes with different facilities hence you must be aware of the facilities that the prospecting boarding offers. But generally these facilities include: · Exercise routine · Baths · Meals · Vaccination requirements · Sleeping accommodations When you are searching for the dog or cat boarding in Bundoora ensure that you are choosing a good boarding facility - beware of common red flags. These flags suggest filthy kennels or high noise levels or people who seem to be aggressive or uncaring to the animals.

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w w w . r i l t e n k e n n e l s . c o m . a u If you are sceptical of what paperwork is required by the boarding facilities for pets please check out the below- mentioned information:- You will have to indulge in:- · Pet age and medical information · Owner contact information · Vaccination records · Emergency contacts · Feeding instructions · Medications · Boarding contract Once you choose a boarding facility that is right for your pet the best is to do a trial run prior to your actual trip. The boarding facilities offer varying options for checking on your pet while you are away. This may include: real-time updates facilitys website social media pages emailed photos or even live webcams. If you are in search of a cat or dog boarding in Bundoora Rilten Boarding Kennels Cattery will suffice all the needs that you are expecting for your pet. Our priority is to keep the pets happy while making their stay as comfortable as it could be. Our professional and loving staff to pamper your pet will surely convince you that your pet is totally in safe hands while you are away. Feel free to get in touch with one of our team members or visit our website for more information.

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w w w . r i l t e n k e n n e l s . c o m . a u CONTACT US B O O K O U R S E R V I C E S N O W A d d r e s s : 8 0 - 9 4 A s h l e y R o a d Y a r r a m b a t V i c t o r i a 3 0 9 1 C o n t a c t : 0 3 9 4 3 6 1 4 9 4 E m a i l : r i l t e n k e n n e l s b i g p o n d . c o m

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