Brake Repair Services - Keep Your Brakes Intact!

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Presentation Description Brake repair should be done as soon as possible since it is considered as the most important feature of your car.


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Brake Repair Richmond Richmond Garage

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About Richmond Garage As it is the fact that cars play an important role in your life and they are the most important means of transportation for you and your family, you need to get your car services and tuned regularly for a longer and more economic service life . So , if you are in search of an efficient and affordable Car Garage and Car Service center in Richmond or Cremorne , then Richmond Garage is the perfect place for you. We have been offering our professional and reliable Car Mechanic in Richmond and Cremorne for over 30 years and offer excellent quality services at feasible rates .

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What We Offer Luxury Cars Maintenance Brake Repairs Car Battery Replacement Roadworthy Certificates Rustproofing Auto-Detailing Clutch Replacement Same Day Routine Servicing

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Never be ignorant towards the sign that prompt you to opt for brake services. Opt for reliable, efficient and affordable brake repair services from Richmond Garage in Richmond and have a peace of mind that your car brakes are working in the best condition! Affordable Brake Repairs in Richmond

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Roadworthy Certificate Whether you are selling or buying a car, you need a roadworthy certificate! Richmond Garage is Richmond’s leading licensed vehicle testers and is authorised to issue Roadworthy Certificates. We offer a fast, fair and flexible Roadworthy Certificate service.

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For what reason We Are Different? Auto service is covered by our guarantee Experienced and Qualified technicians Latest strategies and technologies in process Cost effective and no hidden cost Fast and effective servicing Computerized Service & Maintenance Use Latest Machinery and Tools Get a Warranty

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Keep in touch Please contact for additional vehicles information and service inquiries. Richmond Garage 120-122 Chestnut Street, Richmond, VIC, 3121 Phone No : 03 9429 6366 Email :

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