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1. Restorative Dentistry Options. 2. Teeth-In-A-Day Implants. 3. Here’s A Quick Guide for Full Mouth Reconstruction. 4. All You Need To Know About Root Canal Therapy. 5. A Guide To Teeth Whitening.


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SYNOPSIS i. Restorative Dentistry Options ii. Teeth-In-A-Day Implants iii. Here’s A Quick Guide for Full Mouth Reconstruction iv. All You Need To Know About Root Canal Therapy v. A Guide To Teeth Whitening

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RESTORATIVE DENTISTRY OPTIONS Tooth restoration direct: The process of tooth restoration is all about inserting a filling into a set tooth cavity immediately. This is a very simple procedure and it can be done in just one visit to the dentist. The dentist has to choose from many options which are established on the locations and the type of the filling. For instance resin or ionomers which is a type of polymer and it is used for replacements near the root of the tooth or other areas. Tooth restoration indirect: The Indirect procedure of the tooth restoration is based on customized substitutions of the tooth replacements in the form of inlays crowns or onlays. To cover the entire chewing surface of a tooth a crown is used an only cover more than one cusp tip. Along with the chewing surface lies within the tooth cusps and an only covers only more than a cusp tip which also includes some parts of the chewing surface.

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TEETH-IN-A-DAY IMPLANTS What is the procedure The procedure involves placing four appliances into the gums and jawbones. They are left to heal for sufficient amount of time before securing the implant bridge. Once the bridge is implanted removing it will never be required and it is going to resemble both the appearance and function of your real teeth. The patient is fitted with a set of permanent real-looking teeth before leaving the dental office. Once these implants have integrated with the jaw bone fully the patient may do a follow-up to get a stronger second denture. Cost Traditional treatment for a full set of teeth involves placing around 8 implants for every arch in patients with missing or failing teeth or those who wear dentures. If you consider the cost of every implant surgery associated materials and follow-ups it becomes obvious that the concept of few implants saves both time and effort as compared to a traditional implant procedure. Moreover less dental implant means less healing time. In some cases a patient may even be able to start drinking and eating as soon as they leave the clinic.

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HERE’S A QUICK GUIDE FOR FULL MOUTH RECONSTRUCTION A complete mouth restoration can include the following:  Fillings  Crowns  Dental Implants  Dental Bridges Teeth Straightening Correcting Bite Alignment Treating Gum Diseases Who Needs a Full Mouth Reconstruction There are several reasons why your teeth might be in a bad shape including neglect injury and precautionary case which has worn down and it needs replacement. Full mouth reconstruction is suggested when you have numerous worn down broken or chipped teeth. It is also recommended to people who experience chronic jaw pain clicking or popping of the jaw. In case you are facing frequent headaches back pain and muscle tenderness it is a sign that you need full mouth reconstruction.

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ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT ROOT CANAL THERAPY X-ray To ensure that root canal is the only solution to the problem the dentist will perform an x-ray. Some issues may be addressed without this procedure however to find out about the problem in detail X-ray is necessary.  Anaesthesia The procedure begins with anaesthesia. Few injections of anaesthesia are administered to numb the affected area.  Pulpectomy Next is to remove the pulp. The pulp is the infected or damaged area of the tooth. This step is painless due to anaesthesia.  Filling The last step is filling. The infected part has been taken out and the roots are filled with material and sealed.  Post-Procedure Precautions It is advised to avoid chewing or biting for few hours or maybe a day post- procedure. The treated area becomes sensitive and might bleed followed by a swelling. A painkiller must be taken in order to avoid any pain. Usually patients are advised to be on liquid diet for few days or until their next follow-up to avoid any infection. You must take good care of your teeth.

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A GUIDE TO TEETH WHITENING Dentist Supervised The whitening treatment undertaken by an expert dentist will provide more long lasting and reliable results. After examining your teeth condition he will chose one of the options In office treatment: the treatment will be performed in his clinic with complete care. A gel is applied and exposed to a special light which makes the teeth whiter. Take home whitening kit: based on your teeth requirement the dentist will provide you with a tray filled with a whitening gel that could be easily placed over the teeth. You can easily put the gel on and leave for prescribed hours. Whitening Products Many other products for the whitening purpose are available in the market. But before buying any of the product make sure it is approved by the American Dentist Association ADA. You can buy whitening gums toothpaste strips and brush or gels. These products generate results at a very low pace in contrast with treatment supervised by a dentist.

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