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***The History of Porcelain Veneers ***Advantages of Porcelain Veneers ***15 Tips To Everlasting Porcelain Veneers ***Understand The Process Of Having Porcelain Veneers Fitted


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Porcelain Veneers:

Porcelain Veneers All-in-one The Art of Dentistry


Synopsis The History of Porcelain Veneers Advantages of Porcelain Veneers Understand The Process Of Having Porcelain Veneers Fitted Tips To Help You Decide Whether Porcelain Veneers Are For You Enhancing Your Smile With Porcelain Veneers Porcelain Veneers For A Perfect Smile 15 Tips To Everlasting Porcelain Veneers

The History of Porcelain Veneers:

The History of Porcelain Veneers The Origins of Adhesive Dentistry It was nearly the end of the 1960’s before Dr. Michael Bunocore dramatically improved adhesive technology. Put simply, he etched your teeth with a mild acid; this allowed the adhesive to stick better to your tooth. The results were impressive; people could suddenly wear veneers and even dentures without worrying about them coming off as they chewed. Modern Porcelain Veneers The early porcelain veneers were strong, but the more recent versions have used modern technology to improve the strength of the porcelain veneers and extend the life of them to between 10 and 30 years. This is not to say that they cannot be damaged or that receding gums will not cause a separate issue. But, well looked after veneers can nearly last a lifetime!

Advantages of Porcelain Veneers:

Advantages of Porcelain Veneers Veneers correct various dental issues including broken teeth, they fill the gap between separated teeth, They fix crooked teeth, and correct discolored or stained teeth. They are long-lasting if the patient follows care instructions, up to 15 years. They are highly stain-resistant, unlike natural teeth that get stained easily. Nearly any tooth imperfection can be covered. Porcelain veneers are strong and durable. They provide a natural looking result as they are specially colored to match the patient´s natural color They are customized for a perfect fit. After taking impressions of your teeth, the dental lab crafts them to fit each of your teeth perfectly. It is a quick and easy procedure. It typically takes two visits to the expert to complete the placement, plus a follow-up check the following week.


Cont… There is no post-treatment recovery. Once cemented and final adjustments are made, the patient can leave and resume his/her regular activities. They save tooth structure, unlike other options. Patients with fillings in their teeth can obtain a much longer lasting and better restoration of their teeth with veneers, as fillings may change color or break down. In same cases, porcelain veneers can be used to improve or modify the bite. Veneers, after all, are the front half of a typical crown, so they require less tooth structure to be removed to be applied. Easy maintenance. All they require is regular teeth hygiene, brushing after each meal and flossing. Gums tolerate porcelain very well. Enhance your confidence. Anyone with a great smile will definitely feel more confident, and this will be reflected in an overall sense of well-being and better interaction with others.

Understand The Process Of Having Porcelain Veneers Fitted:

Understand The Process Of Having Porcelain Veneers Fitted There are several steps which you will need to follow before you can have your porcelain veneers successfully fitted: Healthy Teeth & Gums The first step is a visit to the dentist to confirm that your teeth and gums are healthy. You will need enough enamel on your teeth to allow the dentist to scrape a little away. Initial Appointment Your dentist will verify the health of your teeth and gums in your first appointment. If there are any issues they will be able to assist you treating these first. Preparation The next appointment will see your dentist removing approximately half a millimeter of enamel from each tooth. This is the depth of the veneer which you will have fitted. Bonding The final stage, once the veneers are ready, is to bond them to your teeth. Your dentist will place them in position to confirm the fit and then may shave them a little to ensure it is perfect. The shade of cement used will also be chosen to ensure the veneer matches your other teeth.

Tips To Help You Decide Whether Porcelain Veneers Are For You:

Tips To Help You Decide Whether Porcelain Veneers Are For You Discoloration Teeth are subject to all sorts of food, drinks, fluoride, dental treatments and other environmental toxins throughout the day. It is hardly surprising that, over time, these products stain your teeth; leaving them discolored. Damaged There are many ways in which your teeth can be damaged, through force in a fight, or while playing sport. They can also develop cracks and holes through decay. Misaligned There are many reasons why you teeth can become misaligned. It may be that they have grown that way when you were a child; and never been corrected. Alternatively you may have lost a tooth and the surrounding teeth have moved to fill the gap. Gaps Just as a gap can help your teeth become misaligned it can also cause issues when eating and with your confidence when you need to smile. This will no longer be an issue if you have porcelain veneers fitted.

Enhancing Your Smile With Porcelain Veneers:

Enhancing Your Smile With Porcelain Veneers Non-Invasive Cosmetic Dentistry Porcelain veneers is a non-invasive, no tooth grinding type of cosmetic dental procedure that guarantees a long lasting result. Non-invasive Dentistry can help preserve the natural structure of the patient’s tooth. A protruding tooth may require some surface grinding to make the teeth look even again. Patients can get whiter and permanent teeth without having to use bleaching agents which not only jeopardize the tooth structure, but also make the teeth insensitive to sweet, temperature and fruit juice. Less Tooth Sensitivity The non-invasive porcelain veneer adds a new layer of porcelain to the already existing tooth. As a result, the tooth becomes less sensitive and whiter as well as maintains a natural look. The additional layer of porcelain helps to protect all the sensitive areas of the tooth. The thin porcelain veneers require the expertise of a highly skilled dentist. If handled by an amateur dentist, you run the risk of ending up with undesirable results. With porcelain veneers, patient can enjoy an attractive smile and become more sociable.

Porcelain Veneers For A Perfect Smile:

Porcelain Veneers For A Perfect Smile Although many people ask for porcelain veneers just for cosmetic purposes, they can actually fix some dental issues, including: worn teeth broken or chipped teeth misaligned teeth uneven teeth irregularly shaped teeth (teeth with bulges or craters on them) teeth (teeth with gaps between them)

15 Tips To Everlasting Porcelain Veneers:

15 Tips To Everlasting Porcelain Veneers Brush your teeth after each meal (remember the tooth behind the veneer is still susceptible to germs) Use floss before going to bed Have a professional cleaning treatment done regularly Don´t use your teeth as a tool to prevent your veneers from tearing or breaking. So, no longer opening bottles or nuts with them! Avoid biting on hard objects, such as pencil tips Avoid hard and textured foods such as nuts, candy apples or ice. Use a mouth guard while practicing contact sports or any other risky activity. Stay away from beverages and foods that could stain your porcelain veneers, such as coffee or tea Although veneers are stain resistant, if you drink coffee all day long and don´t wash it off in time, you could get stains. Try to quit smoking to avoid nicotine stains. Use a bite guard at night if you tend to grind your teeth. Avoid whitening kinds of toothpaste as they tend to be abrasive. Don´t drink excessive acid drinks, such as lemonade or grapefruit juices. Don´t use alcohol-based colored mouthwashes. Prefer white wine to red wine. Visit your dentist regularly.


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