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#riceproteinhealthbenefits #rice protein health benefits (http://www.riceproteinfacts.com/) Rice protein is sourced from brown rice. In order to break down the carbohydrates and proteins, the rice is treated with enzymes.


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Rice Protein health benefits riceprotein riceproteinfacts Many people shy away from consuming rice for fear that it is rich with carbohydrates but they are unaware that brown rice is also a very good source of rice protein and essential amino acids. People who are allergic to dairy-based protein or are lactose intolerant can safely consume brown rice protein without any of the dairy side effects. Many vegetarian athletes find rice protein as the perfect alternative for maintaining their muscle performance. All these advantages make rice protein powder one of the ideal protein alternatives for the body. When brown rice is processed to make white rice it loses most of its Vitamin B3 and Vitamin B1 content. As the process gets completed only 10 percent of Vitamin B6 remains and no fiber is left. People consuming white rice also lose out on essential minerals like phosphorous fatty acids iron and manganese. Thus brown rice is considered to be superior in quality as that it retains a lot of nutrients that are not available in white rice. Rice protein is sourced from brown rice. In order to break down the carbohydrates and proteins the rice is treated with enzymes. The proteins then undergo isolation and processing. From this process we get rice protein in a powdered form that is gluten free and vegan. It is important to note that while the rice undergoes processing the amino acids are retained. This is ensured by processing rice in the form of a raw material at a low temperature. White rice undergoes more processing in comparison to brown rice. While brown rice

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processing only removes the hull or the first layer of the natural rice white rice is stripped of multiple layers to create the final product. This causes the white rice to lose much of its nutritional value. Additionally the price of rice rice is substantially higher due to the increased processing. Many food products lack necessary minerals and nutrients which are necessary for meeting the body’s health needs. Adding brown rice protein to your diet can help you fulfill your bodys daily requirements.

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