Modular kitchens in Dubai


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The modular kitchen is gaining more and more ground. Manufacturers of kitchens and kitchen appliances introduce new kitchens and all kinds of accessories with which you can create a modular kitchen in no time. Will your next kitchen become a modular kitchen? And what advantages and disadvantages do modular kitchens have? When you purchase the Modular kitchens in Dubai then you will be able to understand the reasons now.


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Modular kitchens in Dubai

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GINEVRA – CLASSIC KITCHENS A timeless classic that adds value and brightness to the room. Ginevra is a versatile kitchen with a strong personality, thanks to the refined colours of its solid wood doors in decapè acacia wood .

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MILLY – MODERN KITCHENS A creative approach to the kitchen environment with lively, curved elements where design meets practicality and emotions. Flexible geometries made up of the perfect combinations between the straight lines of the wall units and strike handles, and the curved ones of the central workstation.

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LIFE – MODERN KITCHENS Life model fr o m the Look System programme: many different ways of creating a kitchen. Base units H. 72 and doors 2.3 cm thick, doors and modules veneered in three brand new wood finishes

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MOOD – MODERN KITCHENS Mood is the modern kitchen that designs open space, combining the kitchen and living room with sophisticated continuity and discreet style.

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Modular kitchens in Dubai P.O.Box 75828, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Contact:

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