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Delivering 5-Star Healthcare Services in Switzerland : 

Delivering 5-Star Healthcare Services in Switzerland by Peter Kappert Member of the Board - Swiss Hospital Association President - Private Hospitals Switzerland Vice President – Swiss Leading Hospitals CEO - Sonnenhof Group of Hospitals Taipei, 26st September 2006

Switzerland...not only mountains: 

Switzerland...not only mountains Matterhorn, Valais (VS) The Matterhorn, is probably Switzerland's most famous mountain. It was first climbed in 1865 by an English party headed by Edward Whymper.

Switzerland...not only banks: 

Switzerland...not only banks Swiss National Bank Head Office, Bern (BE)

Switzerland...not only watches: 

Switzerland...not only watches Watch Industry The Swiss post office issued two stamps in 2005 to celebrate the Swiss watch Industry.

Switzerland...not only chocolates: 

Switzerland...not only chocolates Toblerone Best known Swiss chocolate, invented in 1908 by Theodor Tobler.

Switzerland...but also:: 

Switzerland...but also: ..Geography easily accessible, in the heart of Europe ..Climate well-balanced climate with four seasons, beautiful scenery and above all…clean air! ..Environment Neutral, stable, secure, reliable infrastructure (transportation, telecommunication)

Switzerland...but also:: 

Switzerland...but also: ..Population Multi cultural, multi lingual, hard working, discrete and reliable ..Economy GDP of USD 42’000 per capita (top ranking world-wide) ..International UN, Olympic Committee, Red Cross, FIFA, UEFA, etc. ..Industry “Made in Switzerland” as synonym of quality and reliability

Switzerland Democracy: 

Switzerland Democracy Landsgemeinde, Glarus (GL) The cantonal assembly in the canton of Glarus is still held by citizens voting by show of hands. In the other cantons all important political decisions are still taken by direct voting.

Switzerland but above all...Swiss Made:: 

Switzerland but above all...Swiss Made: ..“Swissness” stands for: precise, reliable, innovative, discrete, humble ..Finance #1 offshore Finance Center ..Technology Leading in Bio-, Micro-, Nano- and Health technology ..Research Technical Universities, CERN, Paul Scherrer Institute

Switzerland and its Health Industry: 

Switzerland and its Health Industry Humanitarian Aid Red Cross Hospital Tradition Rehabilitation (since 19th Century) Hotel Standard School Tradition; Management Healthcare Quality WHO Top Ranking and (Life expectancy, Access & Responsiveness Fairness in financial Contribution) Innovation 1st Heart Balloon Angioplasty Industry Pharmaceuticals, Medical Technology, Orthopaedic and Dental Implants

Switzerland and its Hospital Market: 

Switzerland and its Hospital Market Public and Private Hospitals US$ 10 billion p.a. 364 Hospitals 5 University/Teaching Hospitals 49‘000 beds Private Hospitals US$ 2.5 billion p.a. (= 25% market share) 100 Hospitals 11‘000 beds Two major groups of providers with combined approx. 50% market share

Switzerland and its Swiss Leading Hospitals: 

Switzerland and its Swiss Leading Hospitals Foundation 1999 by leading private hospitals Objectives excellent care outstanding medical and nursing performance top quality facilities high level of quality and comfort in all areas Medical disciplines Acute medicin (13 Clinics) Rehabilitation (2 Clinics) Psychiatry (2 Clinics)

Swiss Leading Hospitals and its Members: 

Founders Clinic “Pyramide am See”, Zurich “Sonnenhof”-Clinics, Berne Clinic “Gut”, St. Moritz Today: 17 prestigious Private Hospitals Privately owned Long-standing, local tradition Swiss Leading Hospitals and its Members

Swiss Leading Hospitals and its Objectives: 

The major goal of All patients (and their family members) enjoy the very best treatment get individual attention and care stay in pleasant surroundings This goal is reached by first-class doctors excellently trained staff in each area latest medical technology Excellent hotel service The high standard of specialist medical skills in our hospitals, combined with the comfort of a five-star hotel, provide added value and significant additional benefit for the patients. Swiss Leading Hospitals and its Objectives

Swiss Leading Hospitals and its Top Quality: 

Based on the EFQM Model – Key areas for accreditation, based on strict examinations: Quality Management System Accreditation procedure for medical doctors Medical care Nursing and care standards Accommodation, catering and infrastructure Administration The adherence to the demanding guidelines is audited within a three years’ cycle. Swiss Leading Hospitals and its Top Quality

Swiss Leading Hospitals and its Network : 

Clinic La Prairie Privatklinik Meiringen Privatklinik Wyss Meiringen Montreux Münchenbuchsee Swiss Leading Hospitals and its Network

Swiss Leading Hospitals and its Facts: 

Patients 210’000 In-patients 60’000 Out-patients 150’000 Beds 1’500 Medical Doctors 2’000 Medical Consultants 1’900 Employed Doctors 100 Turnover CHF 650 Mio Swiss Leading Hospitals and its Facts

Swiss Leading Hospitals and its Gold Member Card: 

Exclusive offer for free 24 hour helpline complete information on services important medical information.   Advantages for members Reliance on helpful assistance abroad ties in with a VIP package   Swiss Leading Hospitals and its Gold Member Card

Swiss Leading Hospitals...: 

We are heading in the right direction We are meeting a clear need We are growing further (up to around 20 members) And our vision is: The World Leading Hospitals ® Swiss Leading Hospitals...

Thank you..... .....see you in Switzerland! 

Thank you..... .....see you in Switzerland!

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