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Government timber procurement in the EU: 

Government timber procurement in the EU Jade Saunders Associate Fellow, Energy, Environment & Development Programme, Chatham House Oriental Garden Hotel, Beijing 26th April 2007

Presentation structure: 

Presentation structure Member State policy status quo Legality requirements Sustainability requirements Solutions: Integration with FLEGT Switch to certified sources

Member state policies - status quo: 

Member state policies - status quo Policy in implementation phase: Belgians, Danes, Dutch, French and UK Policy under development/discussion: Germany, Spain, Sweden, Latvia Verified legal baseline Certified sustainable preferred (2009 UK policy)

Member state policies - implications: 

Member state policies - implications Central and local Government combined account for up to 30% of any national market Policies cover construction timber, paper and furniture Significant knock-on effect within large contractors Increasing consumer sensitivity ‘Premiums’ of up to 30% for hardwood products

Legality requirements: 

Legality requirements

Sustainability requirements (DK, NL, UK): 

Sustainability requirements (DK, NL, UK)

Solutions: FLEGT licensing scheme: 

Solutions: FLEGT licensing scheme Online by end of decade for first round Access to premium EU markets Possible options for China: Import licensed wood for export production Establish VPA with EU Establish national system to provide ‘equivalent’ (Category B) evidence - technical harmonisation?

Thank you jsaunders@chathamhousefellows.org.uk www.illegal-logging.info: 

Thank you jsaunders@chathamhousefellows.org.uk www.illegal-logging.info

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