Things to Know About Post Total Knee Replacement Surgery in Bangalore

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Things to Know About Post Total Knee Replacement Surgery

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Partial and complete knee replacement improvement and recovery are as important as the surgery.  You may compromise your ultimate result of the surgery if you couldn’t follow recovery protocols. Here are the Few Things to Know About Post Knee Replacement Surgery: Things to Know About Post Knee Replacement Surgery

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24 Hours After Surgery

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Generally after the surgery a physician will ask you to stand and take up few steps with a walker or cane. If you stand and walk on your new knee after the surgery then it is most likely to recover faster and have less difficulty when compared to those patients who couldn’t even stand up right away. “Most of my patients stand up and take few steps in four hours gap after the surgery” says Dr. Rewat Laxman a total Joint specialist in Bangalore. 24 Hours After Surgery

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“Muscle sparing surgical approaches particular painkiller injections advanced anaesthetic techniques and short operations around 40 minutes allows my patient to do this.” Patient’s pain will be continuously monitored and controlled with various pain- relief methods to make sure that patient comfortable during their stay in hospital. Most of the patients will be discharged only when they have pain under control and they are able to get in and out of bed and walk at least short distances.

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Returning Home

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Complete and partial knee replacement patients are able to go home within one to two days after surgery. Some patients may be discharged to a rehabilitation facility if they cannot safely return home. Our physical and occupational therapists help the medical and surgical team to make a decision in this. “Most of my patients are ready to go home the day after surgery” says Dr. Laxman. “My patients tell me the first two weeks after surgery are very difficult and then slowly life starts getting better. Returning Home

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Many of them are doing what they want after to do in six weeks after knee surgery and their knees continue to improve for six- to twelve-months as they continue to do their exercises at home.” Majority of patients resume most activities in six-weeks after surgery. If the patient had both of their knees replaced at the same time then their hospital stay and recovery might take longer time. During your complete or partial knee replacement recovery period at home you need to continue doing your knee range

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of motion and exercises that strengthen knee and monitor your pain. Some patients will need to take pain medicine four times in a day especially before physiotherapy. Every patient’s needs are different but most patients require a fair amount of pain medicine in initial month after surgery in order to get a good range of motion. Patient will eventually stop taking painkiller medicine and return to their normal lifestyle.

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If you have your non-driving leg operated on you can expect to return to driving when you are stop taking painkiller medicine and can get in and out of the car without any assistance. If you have your driving leg operated you may start driving again as soon as you feel safe which is generally three-weeks after surgery and also you must no longer be on pain medication and have regained strength in your driving leg. Driving Driving

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Going Back to Work

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If you work at a desk bounded job you may be able to return to work after four to six weeks. If your job requires frequent movements like lifting standing or bending you may return to work after six to eight weeks. If you work at a more labour- intensive job then your doctor will work with you on a customized estimate of when you might be able to go back. In few cases the time frame might be up to three months. Driving Going Back to Work

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Returning to An Active Lifestyle

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Patients are actually more active after their knee replacement in some cases because they are finally able to move around without any pain in the knee. It’s good to return to activities like swimming cycling hiking and golfing and we encourage it once your physical therapy is completed. We do not suggest jogging basketball football and other games which have high impact on knee as they put pressure. Discuss with your joint specialist about your athletic goals before surgery. Driving Returning to An Active Lifestyle

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A Better Quality of Life

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Knee Replacement Surgery recovery could painful in initial days but after returning home and completing physiotherapy you will find yourself adjusting to the new knee and enjoy a more mobile lifestyle. “Most patients are very happy after their knee replacement surgery—whether it is a partial or complete knee replacement because they can resume doing the activities important to them that they couldn’t do before surgery” says Dr. Rewat Laxman. Driving A Better Quality of Life

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“It is a team approach because the patient has to do their exercises in order to obtain functional range in their movement and strengthen the knee to perform the activities that are important to them. If I do my job and they do their job then we will both be happy and have a wonderful result” Learn more about Total Knee Replacement Surgery in Bangalore at Bone and Joint Consult.

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Your well-being is important to us. Schedule an appointment with us  Bone and Joint Consult. Also for rehabilitation and physiotherapy no referral is needed to see one of our physical therapists. Follow us on Twitter Facebook and LinkedIn for more advice. Schedule an Appointment

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