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Love is in the air… The new spring season is coming… Fresh… Aromatic… Passionate… BEST Spring Events 2008 They are already here…


BEST in figures: 77 Technical Universities in Europe 29 Countries 10 000 Students willing to go to BEST events 100 and more Events for students every year And one more! YOU


This spring your mind will be captured by 12 BEST Courses 1 BEST Event on Education 2 BEST Engineering Competitions


Travel! Pack some socks and your good mood! Use the public transport!


Learn! Our classes are more than usual You’ll learn things that you can’t learn in your Uni


Be an engineer! Be careful with the voltage! Work hard! Everything needs solid base  Real working environment


And have FUN!


Pay attention! This spring our destinations are:


Valladolid One step closer to a fliying car 31/03 - 06/04/2008 Grenoble Home green home - Think of the future, build it with nature! 11/04 - 21/04/2008 Rome Pasta 'nd Furious... Pasta and its industrial revolution. From grandma's wise hands to large scale production plants... 07/05 - 15/05/2008 Ljubljana My name is house. Smart house. Smart and passive house technologies 07/03 - 15/03/2008 Belgrade Brand Your Idea! Brand Management in Technology 23/03 - 31/03/2008 Thessaloniki Can you survive... "the competition?" 07/05 - 16/05/2008 Athens On the way to improve the quality in engineering education 09/05 - 17/05/2008 Istanbul Clean and Renewable: Bioenergy 20/04 - 26/04/2008 Lviv Stop the moment & make it perfect 26/03 - 04/04/2008 Lodz Made of Plastic! It's Fantastic! Polymers life 19/04 - 27/04/2008 Gdansk Crazy people, magic cities, a romance with architecture. 11/05 - 18/05/2008 Paris, Ecole Centrale  Energies of the world: the real sources 30/03 - 05/04/2008 Paris, Polytechnique    BE Constructive : Design it and Build it 28/03 - 06/04/2008 ENSAM    Bordeaux: See, Taste and Fun! 27/04 - 06/05/2008 ENSAM    The longer it is the better it is... Sustainable development is our future! 05/04 - 12/04/2008


Why you can’t miss them: Because of the new friends who you will find Because of the new places which you will visit Because of the knowledge that you will gain Because it is almost for free Because of the amazing parties!!!


Don’t waste time any more! Go to: Pick a course you would like to go Click “Apply to the course” Write a Motivation letter there Contact your Local BEST Group And cross your fingers!


This can be part of your memories


Make your dreams come true! Apply before 22.12.2007 and @

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