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Do you feel that your kitchen is not organized as per your needs? Do you feel cramped while working in the kitchen?


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Work in your kitchen effectively Do you feel that your kitchen is not organized as per your needs Do you feel cramped while working in the kitchen Are you wasting a lot of time shuffling between your sink stove and refrigerator If your answer is yes you need to plan and organize your kitchen in such a way that you save on time effort and also money. Buying new appliances for the kitchen may be a tempting option however if your usage is for a temporary period or you are not sure of the brand to go for buying appliances like refrigerator microwave etc may not be the most preferred option to go for. Thats when renting as an option makes life easy. Getting home appliances on rent is quick hassle-free and also affordable While planning and organizing are very important for enjoying your time inside the Kitchen cooking should also be made enjoyable and not seem like a big task to be done Lets introduce you to the theory of 19th century which may be old but still has relevance. The motive behind the kitchen triangle theory is to place the 3 main work areas of the kitchen i.e the stove sink and refrigerator in such a way that it

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improves the efficiency of the homemaker. The theory may be old but the basic idea of the theory is to reduce the effort and time taken of the person working in the kitchen. The theory explains not to set the sink or the cleaning area the stove or the preparation area and the storage or the refrigerator too close to each other as they may obstruct the movement of the person or people preparing the food. At the same time the appliances should not be placed too far from each other that it wastes the time of the person working in the kitchen. The idea of the Kitchen triangle has been worked upon by experts and the 3-way working triangle has evolved to a concept of working zones theory that is their needs to be a Zone for similar tasks done in the kitchen. For planning the zones first think what all do we need to do in the Kitchen Lets point them down. Preparation Zone Firstly we do pre-preparation of food before cooking. The zone is termed as Preparation Zone. Here we may gather food wash chop and throw away the waste. Thus here we may need knives peelers chopping boards etc. This area should be planned near the sink as we need to wash the vegetables.

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Cooking Zone For cooking the food we need a stove pots pans spices and all other ingredients. The baking area should be near the rented microwave oven and the pantry unit.The storage and cabinets should be planned as per the usability of the working counter in the kitchen.

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Lighting in the kitchen The lights should be sufficient to provide a good vision for working in the kitchen area. One should be able to find the things required for cooking with a clear sight and plan lighting as per their requirements and working zones. Movement in the kitchen While planning the kitchen we should keep in mind how many people have an interest in cooking so that the movement inside the kitchen is not restricted.

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Refrigerator Placement The refrigerator should be placed in such a manner that there is no hindrance in the main area of cooking so that it is easily accessible to the family members. Hence it is always good to plan your space and budget wisely. And while you do so getting appliances on rent makes life easy. You can get a wide range of home appliances on rent from Rentickle.

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