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Hair Loss Woman:

Hair Loss Woman To know if you are an eligible candidate for hair restoration you would need to see a hair restoration specialist. From the website I found there is no minimum age for treatment, however it does say that most are over 21. Hair Restoration generally costs between $4000 and $5000 but can get as expensive as $12000 depending on the doctor, and how much you are getting to restored. The website I found mentioned that grafts cost between $3-$10 per graft but the number of hairs a doctor puts in per graft can very so it suggested seeing a doctor and asking him/her about it. If I was doing hair restoration I would see a few different doctors and weigh the pros/cons of each one to make your best decision. Who knows you may be able to mention the different prices to each doctor to see if you can get your favorite to lower his/her price!

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You’ve heard stories that people lose all their body hair during chemotherapy treatments and you are thinking to yourself if this will happen to you as well. No doubt that you are going to be receiving chemotherapy treatment for a good reason and it’s been proven that this type of treatment is commonly used to kill cancer cells. So in that matter you don’t have a choice.

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You will probably notice between 10-14 days after you start your chemotherapy treatment that hairs will start falling off your head. You’ll notice this on your pillow or when you shampoo. How much of this hair you will lose is dependent upon the frequency of chemotherapy treatments you are scheduled for. Also the intensity of the treatments determines whether or not you will gradually lose hair or lose it in clumps at a time.

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I know that if you dye your hair alot you can cause breakage causeing hair to fall out. But i wanna know if can cause permanent hair loss, like permanent damage to your scalp so some hairs will never grow back out.

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Ive bleached and dyed my hair continuously from black to blonde to black to blonde to brown to blonde now lol .. i know alot of dying….. anywho ive notice i have alot less hair then i used to but i dont know if this is just hair breakage or maybe i damaged my scalp so much to cause permanent hair loss -_-

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