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Addiction Statistics Guide:

Addiction Statistics Guide He says he will give up Craigslist searching for drugs (he has done is steady for a month), he says he will give up Ritalin even though it was originally prescribed after a sleep study that determined he had a sleep disorder…because he abused, over-took, eventually snorted). Now he wants to hang onto ephedra . I just think we are prolonging my pain and his addiction. He has to mail order Ephedra , it is now illegal in the US as far as I know. His teeth are brown, his hair looks different, he is more mentally insecure than when he smoked coke. What do you all think. Besides that I am insane and sick.

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you cannot help someone who does not want to be helped. if he is looking at ads for men seeking men maybe he is gay. got a question for you: how can you tell when an addict or alcoholic(active one) is lying? he/she opens their mouth. so if he is telling you that he is not at least bi or gay….. he is lying. you need to tell him that when he gets himself clean and sober and knows what he wants he can come back to you; if that is what he chooses. i know i sound mean but i am a recovering alcoholic and addict ( 4 years and almost 4 months) and if what you are saying is true you need to get out of your marriage and get yourself emotionally, and mentally healthy. if you have kids in the house it is your responsibility, as there mom, to make sure that they are healthy. if there are kids in the house that house is not healthy for them let alone you.

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Heroin addiction is one among the most intense forms of addiction. Once addicted to this opiate, the nervous system of the addict undergoes a tremendous change leaving the person with almost no options to choose to stop through sheer willpower. Addiction to heroin brings on long and short term effects for humans, which may have a devastating effect on their well-being. Some of the effects include that of collapsed veins, decreased liver function, systemic abscesses, as well as slow breathing and muscular weakening.

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Under such extreme addiction cases, the most beneficial heroin addiction treatment is the detox process. Although, a challenging course of treatment, this process of treatment brings better results and helps radically in the recovery process. The detox process mainly involves flushing out the remnants of heroin and its by products from the addict’s body system. The person is bound to be troubled with withdrawal symptoms, which need to be monitored to avoid relapses. Some of the commonly seen symptoms include that of anxiety, nausea, insomnia, fever, abdominal pains, weakness, irritation, and depression. These symptoms may be manifested for weeks or even months depending upon the intensity of heroin addiction.

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Heroin addiction treatment involves various things. The detoxification process includes treatment with drugs such as methadone, buprenorphine , and Clonidine . These drugs are designed to alleviate the intensity of the withdrawal symptoms encountered during the detoxification process. Another drug, which can be out to use, is Lofexidine . These drugs imitate a lot of the characteristics of heroin itself, leaving no withdrawal symptoms, thereby, relieving the person of the problem of a relapse. Another benefit that comes with the detox process is that of the gradual weaning from heroin addiction. The replacement drug therapy is of great importance as there is a gradual withdrawal and decrease in the dosage allowing the person to adapt to the detoxification procedure.

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