Physical Therapy Continuing Education Courses

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Physical Therapy Continuing Education Courses:

Physical T herapy Continuing Education C ourses licensed massage therapist in NYC and would like to go to school for PT. I don’t have my undergrad degree. I have a 1.5925 GPA with 33 hrs that are passing out of 54 hours from when I tried to get my undergrad at UT Texas in Austin in 95. My undergrad major was deaf education. So now I have been an LMT for the past 4 years, since 2001.

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Have 1500 hours of massage training from Swedish Institue in NYC and Austin Massage school in TX combined. Reason to go back to school is to get a secure job that will give job security and health benefits in the work force.

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I wanted to study physical therapy, I scored a C and C- in my chemistry classes and I took an easier Biology course in college. I don’t have anatomy or physics in college. Can I take the AP exams to waive out of these classes, or do I need to take the actual courses? I graduated from college and graduate school, with a BS in economics, and a MS in Accounting.

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The prerequisite courses is the number one consideration for admittance into a PT progam . Most require a 3.0 or a 3.2 in the core classes on average. If you were able to take the physics, anatomy, biology, psych and stats and be able to bring your GPA up to this level…you might be considered. However, realize that the average GPA for student admitted into the program is at least 3.5. I would still encourage you to go for it since enrollment has been down at most PT schools…in other words, the competition is less.

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Online physical therapy seminars are well suited to the schedules of working professionals like physical therapists. The online physical therapy education offered often involves diagnostic procedures, clinical reasoning, evidence based practice, educational theory, health care management, health promotion and wellness.

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