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Self Hypnosis Stop Smoking : 

Self Hypnosis Stop Smoking Quitting Smoking – Your resistance is diminished after a couple of drinks – so ask your drinking friends not to offer you cigarettes, and try staying away from alcohol for a week or two. Cigarettes help us to relax – cigarettes are a stimulant, and it may feel like they help you to relax, because they satisfy the craving. Learn to relax properly and do some self-hypnosis on yourself by listening to a stop smoking CD. Sit down somewhere comfortable, and tense, then relax your muscles, and breathe deeply.

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There are specialist smokers’ clinics, and support groups, which can improve your chances of stopping smoking. These clinics and groups generally run over a period of about six weeks, and take you through the different stages of smoking cessation.

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Hypnotherapy helps a large number of smokers to quit – it is one of the most effective ways to stop smoking. In 2005, a study of 72,000 smokers from Europe and the US, reported in the Journal of Applied Psychology, showed that hypnosis came top as the most effective therapy in helping people to stop.

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Hypnotherapy takes away the urge to smoke – instead of making you feel you are giving something up. Hypnotherapists generally have a success rate of 75% with smokers who seek treatment – often in a single session of 90 minutes. Hypnotherapy is now very common, and is readily accepted. If you approach this treatment with a genuine desire to stop, the programme will work for you.

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Nicotine replacement therapy, such as patches, gum, nasal sprays or inhalators, used properly, can double your chance of stopping smoking. The idea is that replacing nicotine in the body, will allow the smoker to be weaned off cigarettes.

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