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Self Hypnosis Stop Smoking Guide : 

Self Hypnosis Stop Smoking Guide I’ve asked him to stop and i’ve talked to him about if we were to ever have kids i didnt want them to grow up without a dad because of smoking ive told him that i wouldnt kiss him nothing works i dont know what to do anymore. Hes just doing it to piss me off and he knows it and doesnt care. i hate smoking and i even tried smoking to see what he does and he doesnt care either. Im out of options. . .

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I’ve tried all the gadgets like patches, lozenges, etc. However, if I’m locked up in a ‘clinic’ for a month that might finally do it. Naturally activities would have to be provided since boredom breeds smoking. I dont know of a clinic to quite smoking. However there are several websites that have gotten amazing results.

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Now if you are like I was you probably wanted to use abusive language at these people and tell them it’s not as easy as they like to think. I sometimes used to look at them while they were telling me the “horrible things “ that smoking was doing to my body and imagine rolling them up into a nice fat rollup.

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Anyway to the point.  If you’re a smoker you know as well as I do that it is not easy, It took me 8 attempts over 6 years to finally kick the habit and those that claim it is easy should think again. People who want to stop smoking more than anything else need encouragement and a solid reason to give up as well as deep down wanting to give up.

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My problem was I did not really want to give up I enjoyed smoking, I was not naive I knew I was killing myself but really didn’t care. For me I need a real good reason to stop and one day I was playing in the lounge with my 1 year old son and it hit me

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