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Stop Smoking Help Guide A holistic way to quit smoking: Visualization. This holistic stop smoking form of meditation that changed the perception of my smoking habit and its perceived value to my life to help me quit smoking the holistic way: Naturally. The holistic stop smoking tips offered here are just a few things I did is as part of the complete recovery plan I put into action to help me finally quit smoking. If you have tried in the past to quit smoking and you remain a slave to cigarettes, regain perspective with these holistic quit smoking tools I used to help me recovery from nicotine addiction and stop smoking forever.

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Visualization is a powerful tool that allows you to look at your illness in another light. In order to use visualization and meditation as valid holistic tools to help me quit smoking, it was vital for me to submit to a process of discovery, through which I was able to battle the demons that led to my addiction. It turned out that smoking cigarettes – although a huge problem that claims the lives of hundreds of thousands annually – wasn’t really my problem…It was my solution to all the other problems in life I had never learned to face.

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In order for me to accomplish this, I made a list of my ‘reasons,’ – which I now realize were excuses – to smoke: Stress, anger, excitement, drinking alcohol, break time, relief, food, etc. Next, I made a list of more health-promoting responses I could choose to adopt to each situation in which I could be found smoking cigarettes. Some of these responses were as simple as taking a walk and creating a regular workout routine into my schedule, and other responses that were more emotional based involved owning up to my behavior and improving the connection I have with my peers, family, friends, and other branches of support. In all scenarios, my ‘lists’ were well rehearsed by the time my holistic stop smoking meditation sessions were completed. I began doing Yoga and practicing meditation upon completion. During my time of meditation I practiced visualizing each reason as an empty field on which smoking cigarettes was not allowed. On each playing field, envisioned one at a time, I watched myself complete every action I had enlisted for myself besides smoking cigarettes.

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I watched myself journal my thoughts, feelings and cravings without judgment or fear; I watched myself prepare delicious snacking foods like raw fruits and vegetables that would provide me the vital nutrients I needed to quit smoking the holistic way, while indulging my need to snack with my daily recommended vital nutrients; and I watched myself approach those onto which I had inflicted harm, offering a personal apology with an intention to amend that which I made wrong. Equally as important in my holistic quit smoking recovery meditation, I imagined all the lies my addiction ever told me: You need me when you’re stressed, you need me if some crisis affects my life or health, you need me if you lose your job (are you serious?…Sadly, “Yes!”). Each of these lies were carved into giant cigarettes that congregated around the field in which they were not allowed. As I acknowledged each of them as lies, they all began to burn. One at a time. I watched the smoke with which – for once – I was not associated and watched it float away in the other direction, taking its lies with it.

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In silent meditation as part of my holistic way to stop smoking and recover from nicotine addiction for life; I was able to gain perspective over the power I actually have over my decision to smoke cigarettes. Visualizing myself following through on my decided upon contrary actions to smoking cigarettes while watching my core beliefs about my nicotine addiction burn away in the background offered my mind the very set of tools I needed to be willing to make daily habitual smoking behavior modification changes as part of my holistic stop smoking plan. For my physical addiction, I no longer wanted to use smoking cessation products that contained nicotine or other addictive chemicals. I decided to use Smoke Deter, because it was the most concentrated holistic set of natural herbs known to help the body heal from nicotine addiction more wholly and less painfully. For me to stop smoking naturally the holistic way was to include every natural means I could to offer proper attention to all my senses that were learning to live without cigarettes.

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