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Electric Power Generator:

Electric Power Generator I am doing a Science Experiment with a Wind Turbine/Generator. I need to attach a generator/motor to a propeller. I am going to use a blower to push the air and make the propeller rotate. I need to know where I can purchase a generator to hook up to a light socket. and make the light go “ bing ”! I live in Friendswood, TX. Or even what I can use as a generator. I have tried a little motor to power an LED light. It wouldn’t power any more than that. So I need like a Desk fan motor. But how do I convert that motor into a Generator. Serious Question, serious answers please and thank you. You could try a battery powered fan motor, but not an AC motor. You may need a 6VDC or 12VDC motor, but not one with an attached gearbox. Or maybe search ebay for “bicycle generator light”. Note that baldes for pushing air are not the best shape for catching… but maybe you could modify and existing blade.

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You can spin a motor to generate electricity. It kind of depends on what you are going to do with the power. For example, if you were going to use it to light a 110-volt light bulb, you could get a 90 volt DC motor and spin it fast. If you are going to charge a 12-volt battery, and then run stuff off that battery (a good idea, since you could run 12-volt DC stuff or 110-volt AC stuff using an inverter), then get a “one-wire” GM alternator. You will need to gear things so that the alternator spins at 1000 rpm or more. The alternator produces AC internally, but converts it to DC using a diode bridge, and has an internal voltage regulator which makes it just right for charging a battery. And you could use this same setup in a different way. Like, you could replace the bicycle tire with a windmill or water wheel and make electricity from wind or flowing water.

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When storms in Brazil recently led to a power outage that affected 60 million people in two countries, urban residents in first-world countries took notice.  Sales of the solar powered generator at Solutions from Science have soared and most consumers are not the rugged country types commonly associated with emergency preparedness or off-the-grid living. In an interview, Solutions From Science CEO Bill Heid explained that the solar powered generator offers an endless supply of clean, safe, free energy that has allowed suburban soccer moms and urban professionals to end their dependency on expensive sources of energy, “After the Northeast Blackout of 2003, a lot of people realized how fragile our energy grid is and have decided to begin emergency preparations.

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Most consumers who have prepared for an energy outage rely on gas-powered generators.  These have several drawbacks, however.  For one, gas powered generators are often accompanied by unpleasant odors.  More importantly, the generators rely on a constant supply of new fossil fuels, requiring replenishment or dangerous long-term storage. As consumers have learned, if the power is out for any length of time, supplies may become scarce.  Even if stores have gas, the lack of electricity may mean the fuel is inaccessible altogether.  A realization of the difficulty in storing and acquiring fuel to keep traditional generators working has driven this new surge in alternative energy sources.

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Solar power is abundant, it is free, and it is clean.  There is no need to invest in expensive and dangerous storage of gas, when you can rely on the sun for all the free electricity you could want.  The solar power generator is so safe and easy to use, many of our clients are able to live in a traditional suburban neighborhood or even an apartment complex, and yet have access to what is effectively their own private power plant.”

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