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By: leslielove (110 month(s) ago)

Thanks so much for the post about this Berkey water filter. I've been thinking about getting one from but I've been sitting the fence for some time. What do you think? Is it definitely worth it. In the event of an emergency I would definitely be better off...

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Berkey Water Filters:

Berkey Water Filters The only safe sure way to guarantee your family is getting chlorine free water is to filter it yourself. Start by purchasing a filter that promises to remove chlorine. Carbon filters do this. The small investment to filter your drinking and cooking water is well worth the peace of mind that will result. One water filtration system has stood the test of time. Using a gravity filtration method, Berkey Water Filters are able to filter out a much higher percentage of contaminants than filters where water pressure forces the contaminants through.

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Clean water is mighty scarce in many parts of the world.  Polluted water is more than a nuisance in many places.  It’s life-threatening.  It’s pollution of all kinds and it’s hard to find one filter that can deal with every form of pollution.  These filters can deal with hard-shelled parasites as well as dangerous bacteria.  That’s what relief workers and missionaries often face, as well as the people they assist.

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The great thing about any Berkey filter is they are so easy to use.  See they are gravity filtration systems.  Just pour water in the top cannister and the water flows through the famous filters to the bottom chamber and you get pure water from a spout.  Easy as that. The other thing is the filters are so cheap to use.  Elements are cleanable and last for thousands of gallons.  They are easy to replace and you can make pure water for just pennies a gallon.

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You could buy bottled water.  This sounds great in theory, but having personally witnessed the testing of many of the more common varieties of bottled water available, I can tell you, this is probably the least effective way to get good water.  Most of these are run through cheap filters if any and then sold to the consumer as “pure”.  The funny thing is there are few regulations set on how clean the water has to be in order to slap a label on a bottle of tap water and call it “filtered”.

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So where does that leave you?  There is a product out there that is effective, inexpensive and portable.  It’s a Berkey Light filtering system.  This interesting product can filter even the dirtiest of water from a pond or a contaminated water source and give you back a quality, safe, clean source of water to drink from.

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