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Hypnosis Stop Smoking Guide:

Hypnosis Stop Smoking Guide Most of the smokers find it difficult to quit from the habit of smoking. This is not a simple task and at the same times not a difficult one too. There are many natural ways which provide aids for smokers to resolve habit of smoking. Quitting smoking can be made much easier if an individual has a natural stop smoking aid. This will help an individual to take an edge off and equalize his body.

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For those who want to stop smoking - or tried alone and failed – there are some offers on the market that can help in this endeavor. The so-called replacement therapy, besides reducing the urge to smoke, alleviate withdrawal symptoms, which tend to be irritability, depression, frustration, moodiness, anxiety and difficulty concentrating. They are to obtain nicotine by other means than the cigarette – and without all the other evil substances that is in them.

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Better known by the brand name Zyban , medically this is actually an antidepressant, which is discovered to have a good action in the treatment of addiction to cigarettes. The mechanism by which the substance works is still unknown, but it is believed that the drug acts causing the release of dopamine in the body, reproducing the action of smoking. In addition, dopamine is one of the factors that cause well-being, which would combat the emotional reasons why people smoke. You must have a prescription to buy the medicine.

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The famous nicotine gum is a means to combat the symptoms of withdrawal syndrome, it provides replacement of the substance in the body. When the gum is chewed, nicotine is absorbed by released mucosa and into the bloodstream. Can be used regularly or only when you feel like smoking. They are found in pharmacies and not need a prescription to buy them.

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Work on the same principle of the gum, releasing doses of nicotine to the body, which are absorbed through the skin. The patch should be placed in the morning and removed in accordance with the indication of the manufacturer. By having a common release of the substance is suitable for regular smokers. They can also be purchased without a prescription.

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Smoking is a physical craving for nicotine – and to stop smoking means you need to deal with the problem as a psychological issue. Any hypnosis sessions to quit smoking involve suggestions, positive affirmations, and hypnotherapy techniques to help you give up smoking as they put you into an altered state where you are much more susceptible to suggestions.

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The positive thoughts are burnt into the smoker’s mind during the session that the smoker has with the hypnotherapist. A sense of disconnection from your present surroundings is a hypnotic trance, if you feel that you are awake and alert. People are said to be in a sense of increased attentiveness, and things can take root more easily – such as the suggestions to stop smoking.

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A smoker who visits a hypnotherapist is advised to look into the future – into a situation where there is no cigarette is his hand. The smoker is encouraged to think positively and is made to believe that he can give up smoking. He is repeatedly told of the benefits that result when the cigarette is stubbed out, until the smoker’s mind becomes conditioned to the idea of not smoking.

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The hypnotherapist argues that withdrawal symptoms are caused mainly by conditioned responses. The smoker does not make an honest attempt to give up smoking because he consciously believes that it is very difficult to give up smoking. That is why there is no guilt involved when a smoker fails in his attempt. His mind tells him that it was a difficult proposition, and pats him for at least trying.

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The hypnotherapist tries to break this mindset by generating new conditioned responses that are positive, and gives the smoker the confidence to give up smoking. A conditioned response may be as simple as pressing the finger with the thumb and holding them together for about half a minute. The smokers are also told to take three deep breaths and drink a glass of water whenever there is an urge to smoke. Invariably, they dilute the smoker’s urge to light a new cigarette.

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