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Solar Panels Cost Guide:

Solar Panels Cost Guide How much to buy and install S olarpanels on average home? I live in CT in a 3700 square foot home and i was wondering how much would it cost to buy and install solar panels to power my home with the average CT power consumption? Also what are some other alternative energy sources other then solar, wind, and oil what are economical for the average CT home? If you have sunshine get a solar water heater first. Also check if your house has proper insulation if in cold climate. Solar PV panels are expensive and affordable only when subsidized. You could plant a lot of trees in wasteland and use the wood as fuel , you could make bio-gas out of waste food/plant material.

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Is solar panels bought from china actual cheaper than buying in the USA ? I have looked many places in order to get solar cells from China. The reason I am on this search is because I heard a rumor from my friend, that it is cheaper to buy in china than in the US. Also, I could not find out even 1 quote of how much a solar cells cost. If you can get me a quote and product details on the product, I will name your account best answer While they might be cheaper in China, you have to also look at quality, delivery cost, and how long it take for delivery.

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A recent New York Times article points out that Connecticut’s solar rebate funds are running dry. As it happens, the program has been so successful, that there are no more funds to go around. According to the article, since 2005 more than $8.5 million has been given out for 815 residential solar projects and 127 business and government projects.  A whopping 300 percent growth spike in the purchase of residential systems in the latter half of 2008 essentially drained all the available funding.

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We can find echoes of this sticky situation in Florida and in New Jersey.  During the second half of 2008 over 3,000 Floridians applied for solar rebates from the state; while 1,300 have been approved, the remaining 1,700 are still waiting in the wings.  The problem is, there is no money left.  Again, we see the same thing happening in New Jersey, where a surfeit of applications has outpaced the rebate money by far.

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This is somewhat of a false dilemma as it signals something more profound than legislative quagmires.  What’s truly of standout quality here is that Americans are more than ready for solar. We no longer want to be a nation of oil guzzlers.  Applying for solar rebates is just one of the first steps in weaning ourselves from oil, which can get pretty pricey on more than one level.

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Now the obvious drawback of course, is the cost. Rebates are effective, but limited.  State support can only go so far. But, let’s take a step back.  At the moment, solar energy panels are indeed expensive, hence the rebates.  Nevertheless, the predictions look quite rosy.  We may see a price drop of as much as 43% on the cost of solar silicon—the stuff used to make solar panels—by the end of the year.  In the next five years, we could see even more cuts, with silicon prices falling by as much as 67%.  In particularly sunny regions, the cost of solar energy will be on par with electricity, making going solar very affordable.  So, although government incentives lag, the future of solar looks sunny.

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‘Cash for energy’ hopefuls urged to act fast Homeowners and landowners interested in generating their own renewable electricity through solarpanels or a wind turbine are being advised to act now before the government makes rates on its Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) scheme less attractive.

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Then what will an average client pay to have solar power installed? Won’t getting your personal photo voltaic power power be really affordable or will it be much more pricey. The good news is, obtaining a home solar energy system has never been much more cost efficient and worthwhile for the funding. As the technologies progresses, this renewable power turns into cheaper and much more abundant for the typical investor, and much more readily obtainable.

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The question arises then what are the expenses in total for a system of solar power? “A home solar energy system i.e. standard or typical program costs nearly 5,000 dollars to buy and install. Its expensive,right ?” Doesn’t that sound like it would price a lot? The large quantity of electricity which consumes the heating appliances like microwaves, ovens and furnaces, the great news is that these methods create enough power to energy upto 2/three of your home’s overall power which includes cooking and heating. If an funding of $5,000 is made by you in the solar power program resulting in the monthly reduction of your power invoice each month, would it not show to be rewarding investment choice?

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It is widely accepted that an power smart photo voltaic power pads on your roof can spend for themselves inside two to 3 many years just on power expenses. That does not even account for the fact that several of governments close to the world this kind of as the United States or the United Kingdom will offer tremendous tax be able to write-offs and refunds for customers who lower their power expenses and decrease their carbon footprint with 1 of these systems. This makes the cost of photo voltaic power much more reasonable and inexpensive in the lengthy time period, which is contrary to the typical ethos that it is new technologies and relatively unaffordable for the average client.

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