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Korean Peninsula: 

Korean Peninsula Differences & Exchangeability Between South and North Korea April 2. 2005 B.A You

At the same time, Secession and Irredentism are in Korean Peninsula. : 

At the same time, Secession and Irredentism are in Korean Peninsula.


History of Korean Peninsula Many countries were in Korean peninsula and divided territories for over two thousand years. However, due to their same race, even though they were different countries, they had similar cultural inheritances before divided to South and North Korea 1953.


500~700 BC30~AD50 50~200 200~500 500~700 700~1400 1400~1950 Change of Territories in Korean Peninsula


Politics of Korean Peninsula Because of the important place of Korean peninsula between the strong countries and strategically valuable location, there have been a lot of wars and fights by superpower countries in the Korean peninsula.


Divided Korean Peninsula by Korean War 1950 After the Second World War, there were two super powers in the Korean Peninsula. Soviet Union and the U.S were them. They agreed that each of them kind of governed half of the Korean Peninsula. Five years later of the end of the Second World War, North Korea invaded the South. That’s the Korean War.


Original 38th line. 6.25. 1950 7.30.1950 8.20.1950 9.2.1950 9.15.1950 7.27.1953 1.4.1952 10.15.1952 6.30.1951 1.30.1953 9.5.1950 9.10.1950 During Korean War 6.25.1950~7.27.1953


Demilitarized Zone Area between South & North


North Korea (the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) After the cease fire, the North Korea was still governed by IlSung Kim and he strictly imposed one man rule. After he died in 1994, his son, Jungil Kim inherited the power from his father. In the North Korea, there is still dictatorial regime and they have had to make people respect Jungil Kim and his father, Il sung Kim.


South Korea (the Republic of Korea) After the cease fire, there were democratic vote and people made democratic government in the South Korea. However, there were some revolutions by military people and ironically, the military people developed the economy of South Korea. In fact, before 1969, North Korea was more developed country than the South, but after that time, the South Korea becomes the twelfth developed country in the world. Especially, after the Seoul Olympic Games in 1988, Seoul is one of the international cities in the world.


Differences between South and North Korea


1948~1960 1960~1979 1980~1987 1988~1992 1992~1997 1998~2002 2003~Present 1948~1960 1980~1987 1960~1979 1988~1992 1992~1997 1998~2002 2003~Present Presidents of South Korea Leaders of North Korea 1948~1994 IlSung Kim 1992~Present Jungil Kim VS


People of North Korea People of South Korea Difference of South and North Koreans


Difference of Public Advertisement by Government North Korea South Korea


Similarities Between South and North Korea


Pyungyang- The Capital of North Korea Seoul- The Capital of South Korea Similarity of the Capital cities


Military Parade of North Korea Red Devils, Soccer Supporters of South Korea Exchangeability of South & North Korea




The first Open Road for Traveling Between South and North Korea


The first Joint Industrial Complex in Gaesung


Joint Enter Stadium with Korean Peninsula Flag Welcoming to Dispersed Families Korean Peninsula Flag


Architectural strategy in Korean peninsula Even though North and South Koreans is the purely same ethnic people, due to the different system, there are totally different style cultures in each side. In the case of architecture, there were also very different style architectures in the both sides. For example, during their compete period from 1960’s to 1970’s, if North Korea built 60 stories hotel, South tried to built over 60 stories building and in order to advertise each other’s advantage, they tried to make exaggerated shape and use the materials which can show the authority. That’s why they intentionally tried to make different things against the opposite side. After 1969, the economy of South Korea becomes more ten times developed than the North. Moreover, Seoul Olympic Games held 1988, and South Korea doesn’t care about the competition with North except military. These days, finally, they are trying to recover their identity because South Korea has kind of confidence.


Architectural Similarity of South and North Korea Korean Celadon Main Stadium of North Korea Main Stadium of South Korea


National Theater of North Korea National Theater of South Korea Architectural Similarity of South and North Korea

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