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Verizon Contingency Planning for COOP: 

Verizon Contingency Planning for COOP “Ensuring Mission Critical Operations in an Unpredictable World…”

The Plans Explained: 

The Plans Explained Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) (IAW FPC 65) Viable, executable plans for leadership, succession, and key personnel to ensure that a department/agency’s essential functions continue to function as needed Contingency Plan (IAW NIST special PUB 800-34) Planning, development, Implementation, and Testing of the enterprise to support and sustain mission-critical operations with reliable network, communications, and applications solutions during crisis situations

The Impact: How Downtime Affects the Mission: 

The Impact: How Downtime Affects the Mission Disruptions of the Mission can Impact a Wide Range of Constituents and Customers External (Customers/General Public/Media) Services Salaries and Benefits Informational Communications Critical Communications Internal (Employees) Services Benefits Instructional Communications Critical Communications Intergovernmental (Federal/State/Local) Agency-to-Agency Communications and Policy Coordination Federal-to-State grants Communications and Policy Coordination Federal-to-Local Communications

Verizon’s Experience in Business Continuity: 

Verizon’s Experience in Business Continuity On September 11, 2001, Verizon lost the 140 West Street building that included a major switching center for the area.

Verizon’s Experience in Business Continuity: 

Verizon’s Experience in Business Continuity View of damaged New York City E911 switching system. The system was replaced by a new switching system in an alternate location in Southern Manhattan. Entrance to the West Street building that was heavily damaged by the collapse of the WTC. West Street housed a major Central Office and Switching Center, as well as facilities for operations and support staff.

Verizon’s Experience in Business Continuity: 

Verizon’s Experience in Business Continuity Assessing the WTC Damage Access lines out of service (voice) 200,000 PBX / Centrex lines out of service 150,000 Data circuits out of service ~4 Million Cell sites out of service 10 Major Computer Systems 3 Number of customers affected: Business ~ 14,000 Residential ~ 20,000 Landline and wireless network call completions were at least 2 times higher than normal levels on Sept. 11.

Verizon Expertise in Business Recovery & Continuity Services: 

Verizon Expertise in Business Recovery & Continuity Services Verizon’s Response to our Customers Network Capacity Added: 18 New SONET Rings Built 21 Temporary Cellular Towers Erected Computer systems recovered within 24 hrs at alternate sites 3,000 technicians and managers deployed in southern Manhattan. 4,000,000 voice and data circuits constructed, repaired, or rerouted within first week Aggressive deployment of Centrex, ISDN, DSL, video and audio conferencing Verizon recovered and rerouted the Securities Industry Data Network to allow the NYSE to open on 9/17.

Lessons Learned - Network: 

Lessons Learned - Network SONET Worked Diversity Worked Entrances, Routes, Risers Vendor Relationships Strong Partnerships Pay Off Remote Access Critical Assume Non-Local Operations Dial-In, Vmail, Email, I-M Back Up/Standby Service Dedicated or Shared Service? Will it be Available? Practice Contingency Plans

Lessons Learned - Data Center: 

Lessons Learned - Data Center Watch Out for Water! Back Up Systems are Mandatory Power & Fuel Back Up Services (Voice/Data/ISP/Cell) Back Up Data (Directories, Documentation, PC’s) Back Up Documentation available in multiple places Document Procedures Up to Date (with process to keep current) Conflicts can be eliminated Prepare for Employee Downtime People will need to contact Family Plan for Family needs at your location

Lessons Learned - Customer Comments and Directions: 

Lessons Learned - Customer Comments and Directions Top Six Focus Points of Verizon’s Customers Today Assess Requirements, Plan and Document Infrastructure Diversification and Hardening Remote Access Strategies need Defined Security Updated (Firewalls, Log Reviews, ID’s Capacity Planning Strategy needs Updated Contingency “War Games”


Security Operational Capacity Requirements Application/System Failure Facilities loss -> Web Attacks, Virus -> Staff and Process Issues -> Unexpected Need -> System/Data Recovery -> Complete recovery Many layers to Business Continuity, not just the “Building Catastrophe” scenario ! Business Continuity Scope By planning for the day to day issues in a Business Continuity focus, your overall effort to plan for the “Building Catastrophe” is minimized!

Verizon Standard Products for BRCS: 

Verizon Standard Products for BRCS Network Diversity and Recoverability Optical Technology (SONET, DWDM, Frame Relay, ATM) Alternate/Dual Wire Centers and Central Offices Dual Routing Transparent Lan (TLS) Gigabit Ethernet VoIP / IPT as backup

Verizon Standard Products for BRCS: 

Verizon Standard Products for BRCS Personnel Communications Video and Audio conferencing Decreases travel costs Call Forwarding Reroute your calls to an alternate phone number Standby Centrex Provides backup services without the need to manage the equipment Remote Access Services Critical for travel interruptions during crisis Meets the demands of today’s more flexible workforce Virtual Office Capabilities of the corporate office are replicated in the home office Access Security Solutions Access security is no longer “optional”

Verizon Managed Services: 

Verizon Managed Services Network Services Custom Network Design and Diversity Virtual Private Network (VPN). Secure, business- quality wide-area communications service Managed Network Solutions. Outsource the operational management of your network Site Patrol. Network and Intranet Security Design Services. Adapt your network design on an on-going basis Custom Redirect and Portability Planned redirection of incoming calls for blocks of phone numbers to alternate sites Built into the Verizon Network, not just your local CO Local, long distance, and international adaptability

Verizon Managed Services: 

Verizon Managed Services Virtual Office Managed Video and Audio Conferencing Customer-controlled, secure, turn-key solution Reservation-less Conference Connections enable voice conferencing from any phone, any time, any place Remote Access Solutions Central point of coordination for all aspects of a remote access program Eliminates program management Control and predictability over access-related costs Flexibility & scalability – as much as you need but not more than you want Ability to disperse your company’s human resources

Verizon BRCS Professional Services: 

Verizon BRCS Professional Services Professional Services Vulnerability Assessments Business Recovery and Continuity Gap Analysis Network Survivability Assessment Security Complex vulnerability assessments Cyber attack response Contingency Planning Business Impact Analysis Recoverability Assessment and Health check Continuity Strategy Data Center Recovery Plan Development Corporate and Departmental Continuity Plan Development Alliances with IBM, EMC and Accenture Leverage Resources of all Companies

Verizon Data Center Hosting and Storage Services: 

Verizon Data Center Hosting and Storage Services Remote Data Center Services Hotsite Services Backup & Recovery Services Storage Services Backup / Archival Solutions Remote Storage Storage Area Networks Hosting Services Application Hosting eBusiness, ERP, Application Continuity Services Total I/S Management Services

Verizon’s Commitment to Business Continuity: 

Verizon’s Commitment to Business Continuity Verizon Network Engineering and IS Operations have a legacy of providing extremely high availability. Depth and Breadth of Services 6300 Central Offices and Raised Floor space 1.5M square miles of service area 50 Mainframes, 5000+ Unix systems and 100K PC’s Mission Critical Recovery times of 24 hours or less ISO 9001:2000 Certifications for IS Operations and Business Continuity Presence in 41 international locations with operations in 21 “Our reputation for service and reliability is part of our heritage and integral to our customer commitment”

BRCS Summary: 

BRCS Summary Think Business Continuity... Verizon’s Business Recovery and Continuity Services (BRCS): Standard and Customized Solutions for Communications and Network Infrastructures Critical to Continuity of Operations Professional Assessment and Consultative Services Remote Data Center and Storage Services Global Network Verizon’s Strength and Stability

BRCS Contacts: 

BRCS Contacts Earl B. Cohen Assistant Vice President and General Manager – Verizon Federal 202-392-0265 email: Mark Burg Senior Manager - Continuity of Operations – Verizon Federal (202) 392-0519 email: William Hummel Director - Business Recovery & Continuity Services (703) 295-2814 email:

Verizon Contingency Planning for COOP: 

Verizon Contingency Planning for COOP “Ensuring Mission Critical Operations in an Unpredictable World…”

The Plans Compared: 

The Plans Compared SOURCE: NIST Special Publication 800-34, Contingency Planning Guide for Information Technology Systems, June 2002

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