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Proyecto final ingles, URBE


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Final Project Josefany Peña. 20.689.737 Mariely Velásquez 20.861.059

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Sketch A Little bit about us. URBE. Unit 7 Time and Schedules. Unit 8 Special Occasions. Unit 9 Person to Person. Unit 10 Home Sweet Home. Unit 11 Clothing. Unit 12 Jobs and Ambitions. Reflections

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Name: Josefany Peña Age: 18 years old. Hobbies: Go to the movies and go out with friends. Dislike: Do exercise and get up early.

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Name: Mariely (remi) Velasquez. Age: 18 years old. Hobbies: Use the computer and eat chocolate. Dislike: Be called Mariely and do the homework.

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Urbe Radio station Television channel Sports areas Library Main entrance

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Time and Schedules Studying English class

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Special Occasions Last bell

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Person to Person Professor of theory of communication Nestor Nava Do you always get up early? How often do you go to work? What do you do in your free time? Do you always take the bus?

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Home Sweet Home How many rooms are there in URBE?

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Clothing Professor Student Tie shoes Suit Sweater Jeans Heels

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Jobs and Ambitions Professor Receptionist Gardener Rector

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Reflections At this level, new strategies were implemented and I thought that was very modern and useful, and it facilitated learning I think that the new research methods use in this level help me to develop my ability to speak more fluent and write correctly.

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