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Dialogue This is about the dialogue in our trailer and why we have choose for a voice over to say this.

Voice Over:

Voice Over Who’s that knocking at my door Moving silently across the floor Who’s that lurking in my hall Tapping lightly on my wall Who’s that hiding in my room Is it something scary, Something Dead? Who’s that in the blackness deep Towards my room I hear it creep Shadows growing, drawing nearer I want to look but do you dare Who’s that whispering in my ear My heart beats with fear… For the dialogue we thought about adding a voice over, firstly we thought about a nursery rhyme but because there was no children in our film then we decided against it, then we thought about adding a poem. We instantly liked this idea and looked on the internet for haunting poems that we could adapt and shorten. We found an interesting poem and changed it to fit more with our film and to link to the haunting room that our main character finds.

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